New Freebox: Free maintains the suspense

New Freebox: Free Maintains The Suspense

True to form, Free has fun broadcasting mysterious announcements about its future products. This time, the operator suggests that a new Freebox is in preparation. Something to arouse the curiosity of his fans…

Free does not seem to give up its facetious side. The operator who plays the agitator of the PIF – the French Internet landscape – since its inception continues to surprise with its offbeat, often funny and provocative communication, just to distinguish itself from its main competitors – Orange, Bouygues Telecom and SFR . He gives new proof of this in this month of March 2023 through astonishing announcements broadcast on social networks. Mysterious announcements, which however quite clearly suggest the upcoming release of a new flagship product: in this case, a new Freebox – the V9 if we follow its mineralogical chronology.

In fact, if the operator does not announce anything clear in his messages, we can clearly see in his little video on Instagram a folder called Proto_Freebox_V9. As for the message published on the official Free account on Twitter, it shows the very first Freebox next to the Freebox Pop, the last of the family, released three years ago. For specialists like Universe Freebox who struggle to decipher the subliminal words of the tape to Xavier Niel, everything indicates the arrival of the ninth generation of Freebox, the use of a rocket in the communication of Free being generally the sign of an imminent launch.

New Freebox Free Maintains The Suspense
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1678987849 528 New Freebox Free Maintains The Suspense
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Freebox V9: a more modern and more ecological box?

Of course, the rumors have been rife since these publications, on March 15. When will this new Freebox be released? Will it come to replace the pretty Pop, the big Delta or the venerable Revolution, which still shows its twelve years? What will be its technical characteristics? What will be its price? Will it work with a home operating system or Android? Will the essential modem-router be accompanied by a TV module, like the previous Freeboxes, or will it take the form of a single all-purpose box? Impossible to know more for the moment, Free loving to maintain the suspense and the rumor with its enigmatic messages in episodes – the famous teasing to do the buzza great classic of modern communication…

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However, we can reasonably assume that this famous Freebox V9 will bear a more alluring name, that it will be released in the course of the year 2023 – in the fall, in the summer or perhaps before -, that it will be presented on a Tuesday – the tradition for new products from Free – and that it will carry many of the functions and services in vogue, as did most of the previous models. We are obviously thinking of fiber, Wi-Fi – which must be of the latest generation to meet the current needs of users –, but also of home automation – Matter compatibility to control all connected objects in the house? –, and to all the audiovisual services integrated into the associated offer, in particular subscriptions to streaming platforms such as Netflix, Disney+ or Prime Video. We can also predict without too much risk that this new box will consume less energy than the old models, with no doubt energy management functions – and an on-off button, finally? –, the Freeboxes not being exemplary in this area so far. Finally, we can also suspect that the newcomer will be reserved in priority for new subscribers – a great classic at Free which always favors new customers over old ones… We bet that Free will be able to feed the rumor with other messages while waiting to officially unveil its new secret weapon…

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