Netflix already blocks shared accounts

Netflix Ya Bloquea Las Cuentas Compartidas

It’s over, Netflix is ​​already blocking shared accounts. The decision should not catch any subscriber off guard, since the platform announced that this would happen soon, and it is now that the first blocks are being reported.

Netflix announced the end of shared accounts a few weeks ago, and shortly after detailed how it would begin to manage from that moment on the possibility of sharing with other people. It has been a decision that has not been without great controversy and has caused anger.

Anger that users will have to pay an extra nothing cheap in case you want to share the account with people outside the household. The anger has been so great that a specific hashtag was created on Twitter that anticipated the avalanche of casualties that was coming to Netflix.

The measure was announced on February 8, but until recently it was not known what procedure Netflix would follow to begin block those accounts that the service detects are making irregular usethat is, it is being shared with others.

Notice and block to watch Netflix

What is happening now is that Netflix has started sending notices to those people who are benefiting from a shared Netflix account. In other words, devices that are not connected from the main location are already beginning to be detected.

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Comments are already appearing on social networks of subscribers unable to watch Netflix on devices not configured at the primary locationso it is a block by not allowing Netflix to view the content on those devices.

What the owner of that account would have to do is pay the extra cost of being able to share their account, so that it can be used on other devices by people outside the household, who may be friends or other people who are not part of the main location.

Nevertheless, there are alternative solutions to not pay the extrait is possible to configure that specific device where the notice appears as “main location”.

actually first there is a screen lock on devices outside the main home and if you do not execute the above action, you will not be able to continue watching Netflix. Another different thing will be what happens with the passing of the next weeks and months.

It is possible that Netflix is ​​getting even more serious and starting to massively block accounts whose owners have been detected as not making good use of their account. At the moment, this has not been the case, the only thing that has happened is the blocking on other devices.

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For now, it’s still a warning, but the fact that it’s already throwing this warning at the person using the account outside of the primary location implies a block where they can’t watch Netflix, so it’s clear that the block shared netflix accounts and it is a fact.

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