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Multcloud Review Thanks To Cloud Storage You Won’t Have To Rely Exclusively On Your Computer Or Physical Devices To Keep Your Data Accessible. When Your Files Are Saved In The Cloud, You Can Access Them On The Go, Without Having To Carry Flash Drives Or Hard Drives, You Just Need An Internet Connection. Since The Popularity Of This Technology Has Increased Significantly, There Are Many Cloud Storage Services Available. Most Of Us Create And Handle Digital Files On A Daily Basis And We May Need Different Options To Store Them. This Is Why Many Users Have Opted For Creating Multiple Cloud Storage Accounts That Allow Them To Support All Their Data, In A More Flexible Way. The Problem Is That Having A Variety Of Cloud Storage Services Can Lead To Confusion And It Is Easy To Forget How Each Of Them Work. Going From One Platform To Another In Order To Access Your Files Can Be A Hassle And Will Take A Toll On Your Productivity. That Doesn’t Mean That You Should Stick To A Single Backup Solution, Because There Is A Way To Manage Multiple Services In An Effective Way. Multcloud Is A Service Offered By Aomei Technology, A Chinese Company Known For Creating High Quality Data Management Solutions. Multcloud Works As A Cloud Aggregator, Allowing You To Access Services Like Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Amazon Cloud Drive And More, From One Location. In This Review, You Will Find Out More About Multcloud And The Convenient Functionality That It Supports. Visit-Site1 What Is Multcloud? Multcloud Focuses On Giving You The Possibility Of Managing Your Cloud Storage Services, Using A Simple Interface That Integrates All Of Them. Instead Of Switching Between Cloud Drives, You Can Rely On Multcloud To Enjoy A Smooth Experience Managing The Data Stored Across Different Services. Since Multcloud Is A Cloud Aggregator Or Manager, It Doesn’t Provide Cloud Storage Space Itself, But It Is Compatible With A Great Selection Of Cloud Storage Services. You Can Access All Your Files And Transfer Them Between Clouds Easily. The Providers Supported Include Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, Onedrive, Sugarsync, Copy, Adrive, Mediafire, Mega, Amazon Cloud Drive And Many More. It Doesn’t Matter If You Have More Than One Account With The Same Provider Because You Can Manage All Your Accounts From Multcloud’s Interface. Mulcloud Also Supports Services Like Amazon S3, Ftp, Webdav And Mysql. The Extensive List Of Supported Cloud Services Makes Multcloud One Of The Most Flexible And Complete Cloud Managers Available. How Does It Work? Signing Up For Multcloud Is Very Easy And You Can Start With The Free Plan, Which Lets You Transfer Up To 10Tb Of Data Across The Cloud Services Supported. Once You Log In To Your Multcloud Account, You Can Start Adding The Cloud Services That You Use. This Way You Will Be Able To Access Them All From The Same Place. When You Are Adding A Cloud Drives, You Are Prompted To Sign In To Your Account Click “Allow” To Authorize Multcloud To Get Access. Once You Have Added Your Accounts, You Will See A List Of The Files And Folders You Have Stored In The Cloud Services. You Can Add New Cloud Accounts At Any Stage. After Your Accounts Have Been Added To Multcloud, You Have The Possibility Of Browsing Them Individually From The Links Located In The Left Sidebar. You Can Transfer Files From One Cloud To Another By Simply Dragging And Dropping The Data. Miltcloud Also Lets You Copy, Paste, Rename, Share, Create New Folders And More. The Files Are Transferred In The Background So You Can Close The Browser And Focus On Other Tasks In The Meantime. Features As Previously Mentioned, Multcloud Allows You To Transfer Files From One Cloud To Another With A Simple Drag And Drop Method. You Won’t Need To Worry About Downloading The File And Then Uploading It Again. It Also Gives You The Possibility Of Scheduling Automatic File Transfer To Sync Or Backup A Cloud Account To Another On A Daily, Weekly Or Monthly Basis. You Can Opt To Receive Email Notifications When The Data Transfer Is Completed. Multcloud Ensures That Your Files Are Transferred Even If Your Computer Is Turned Off. Once The Data Transfer Is Initiated, The Process Runs On Multcloud’s Server And You Don’t Need To Worry About Additional Steps. There Is A Filter System That Lets You Copy Files With Specific Extensions From One Cloud To Another. This Is A Practical Option When You Need To Sync Or Backup Several Files As All You Need To Do Is To Enter Their Extensions. Multcloud Supports Two-Way Sync And One-Way Sync, Where You Have Multiple Custom Options To Synchronize Cloud Services. You Can Sync All The Data From A Specific Folder From One Cloud Service To Another One. It Is Possible To Schedule Cloud Sync Or Cloud To Cloud Backup To Take Place Every Day, Every Week Or Every Month. This Will Allow You To Keep Your Data Available, Whenever Needed. Multcloud Can Also Automatically Transfer Files With Specific Extensions. It Is Also Possible To Backup Mysql Database To Another Cloud Storage Service In Order To Prevent Loss Of Data In Case Of Any Error Or Accident. You Can Choose How Often You Wish To Back Up The Data From Mysql To Another Cloud. Multcloud Also Offers Parallel Data Transmission, A Technology That Makes Cloud File Transfer More Effective And Fast. It Allows You To Sync, Transfer And Backup Data Simultaneously Across Your Clouds. The Main Details Of Cloud File Transfer Are Available In The Task Management Interface And You Can Also Initiate A Transfer, Cancel It Or Schedule It There. You Will Get Access To Information Like Transmission Speed, Remaining Time And More.. Cloud File Transfer Can Be Efficiently Managed Using Multcloud’s Interface And You Can Access All Your Files Stored Online Without Having To Log In To Each Cloud Separately. You Can Also Manage Multiple Ftp Accounts In One Location, Syncing, Backing Or Moving Data Between Them As Needed. It Is Also Possible To Schedule Automatic Transfer, Sync Or Backup Your Data From Ftp To A Different Drive, As Often As Needed Or At Specific Times Only. Multcloud Also Supports Sharing Features And You Can Easily View And Share Files Stored On Your Linked Clouds. If Someone Shares A File With You, You Can Save The Shared Link By Simply Clicking A Button. Multcloud Also Supports Offline Download, So You Can Download Web Files Directly To Your Cloud Storage, Just Entering The Url Of The Files. In Terms Of Security, Multcloud Offers Secure Website Access And Data Transfer Using Strong Aes 256-Bit Encryption For Ssl. Your Password Is Not Saved And Cloud Drives Are Accessed With Oauth Authorization. Additionally, Your Data Is Not Saved On Their Servers, So Your Privacy Is Not Compromised. Plans Multcloud-Pricingas Previously Mentioned, You Can Use Multcloid For Free And Enjoy Up To 10Tb Of Data Traffic.the Free Service Also Lets You Add As Many Cloud Drives As Needed And Explore, Transfer And Sync Between Them. In Order To Access Features Like Scheduled File Transfer And File Sync, As Well As Filter Settings For File Transfer And File Sync, You Need To Upgrade To The Premium Plan. This Option Gives You Unlimited Data Traffic, Faster Speed And The Best Level Of Support. It Costs $7.99 Per Month, But You Can Save Money By Opting For The Annual Subscription, Which Costs $69.99. This Reduced The Monthly Price To Just $5.83 Per Month, Making Multcloud A Very Affordable Solution. Conclusion Multcloud Is A Practical Way To Take Control Over All Your Cloud Storage Accounts, Simplifying Data Management And Improving Your Productivity. The Service Makes File Transfer Between One Cloud Drive To Another, Very Easy And Its Interface Is User-Friendly. If You Have Multiple Cloud Accounts, Multcloud Is The Best Solution To Ensure That You Can Move Your Files Across Them Without Any Hassle.

UnliHow – You won’t have to rely solely on your computer or other physical devices to keep your data accessible thanks to cloud storage. If you save your data on the cloud, you can access them from anywhere with just an internet connection and no need to bring around flash drives or hard disks. There are numerous cloud storage options available as a result of the considerable rise in use of this technology. The majority of us regularly create and work with digital data, therefore we could need a variety of storage solutions. To handle all of their data in a more flexible fashion, several customers have chosen to set up multiple cloud storage accounts.

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Multcloud: Focus On Transferring Across Clouds

The issue is that having a range of cloud storage options can be confusing, and it is simple to lose track of how each one functions. Your productivity will suffer if you have to switch from one platform to another to access your files. That doesn’t mean you should limit yourself to a single backup option, either, as there are ways to effectively manage a number of services. With the help of MultCloud, you may access services like Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Amazon Cloud Drive, and others from a single spot. You will learn more about MultCloud and the useful features it supports in this review.



MultCloud is focused on enabling you to manage your cloud storage services through an intuitive interface that connects them all. You may rely on MultCloud to enjoy a seamless experience controlling the data saved across several services rather than jumping between cloud drives. MultCloud is a cloud manager or aggregator, therefore it doesn’t offer cloud storage space on its own but is compatible with a wide range of cloud storage services. All of your files are easily accessible and transferable between clouds.

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Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, OneDrive, SugarSync, Copy, ADrive, MediaFire, MEGA, Amazon Cloud Drive, and numerous other services are supported. You can manage all of your accounts from the MultCloud interface, regardless of how many accounts you have with the same provider. Additional services supported by MulCloud include Amazon S3, FTP, WebDAV, and MySQL. MultCloud is one of the most versatile and comprehensive cloud managers available thanks to the broad range of cloud services it supports.


It’s incredibly simple to sign up with MultCloud, and the free plan enables you to transfer up to 10TB of data among the supported cloud providers. You can begin adding the cloud services you use once you connect into your MultCloud account. This will enable you to access them all from a single location. You are requested to sign in to your account and click “Allow” to allow MultCloud access when you install a cloud drive. You will see a list of the files and folders you have stored in the cloud services once you have added your accounts.

At any time, you can add new cloud accounts. Once your accounts have been uploaded to MultCloud, you can browse each one separately using the links in the left sidebar. Drag & drop is all that is required to move files from one cloud to another. Among other things, MiltCloud allows you to copy, paste, rename, share, and create new folders. You can dismiss the browser and concentrate on other chores while the files are being transferred in the background.


As was already mentioned, MultCloud enables straightforward drag-and-drop file transfer between clouds. It won’t be necessary for you to download the file and then reupload it. It also enables you to plan automatic file transfers to backup or sync cloud accounts on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You have the option of choosing to get an email when the data transfer is finished.

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Despite the fact that your computer may be off, MultCloud makes sure that your files are transferred. Once the data transfer has begun, MultCloud’s server handles the rest, so you don’t need to worry about taking any further action. You can copy files with particular extensions from one cloud to another using a filter system. Since all you have to do to sync or backup several files is enter their extensions, this is a convenient choice.

MultCloud offers a variety of configurable choices to synchronize cloud services, including one-way and two-way sync. A given folder’s contents can be synced across multiple cloud services. It is possible to plan cloud backup or syncing to occur once a day, once a week, or once a month. You can do this to keep your data accessible whenever you need it. Additionally, MultCloud has the ability to transfer certain file extensions automatically.

In order to prevent data loss in the event of an error or accident, it is also feasible to backup your MySQL database to another cloud storage provider. You can decide how frequently you want to backup your MySQL data to another cloud. Additionally, MultCloud provides parallel data transmission, a technology that enhances the efficiency and speed of cloud file transfer. It enables you to sync, transfer, and backup data across your clouds all at once.

The task management interface contains the essential information about cloud file transfers, and you may start, stop, or schedule transfers there as well. Information like transmission speed, remaining time, and more will be available to you. Using MultCloud’s UI, you can manage cloud file transfers effectively and access all of your online files without having to sign into each cloud separately.

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Additionally, you may manage numerous FTP accounts in one place, synchronizing, backing up, or moving data between them as necessary. As often as necessary or only during particular times, you can arrange automatic transfers, syncs, or backups of your data from FTP to another drive. You can view and share files saved on your connected clouds with ease thanks to MultCloud’s support for sharing capabilities. You may easily save the shared link if someone shares a file with you by clicking a button.

MultCloud further enables offline download, allowing you to save web files straight to your cloud storage by simply inputting their URL. MultCloud uses robust AES 256-bit SSL encryption to provide safe website access and data transfer. OAuth Authorization is used to access cloud drives, and your password is not retained. Your privacy is not jeopardized because your data is not saved on their servers.


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Monthly is ideal for a migration and Yearly is ideal for a continuous transfer/backup/sync.
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Monthly is ideal for a migration and Yearly is ideal for a continuous transfer/backup/sync.

As was already noted, MultCloid is free to use and offers up to 10TB of data traffic. You can explore, move, and sync data between as many cloud drives as you need with the free service. You must subscribe to the Premium plan in order to access services like scheduled file transfer and file sync, as well as filter settings for file transfer and file sync. With this choice, you get the best level of service, faster speed, and unlimited data traffic.


MultCloud is a useful tool for managing all of your cloud storage accounts, making data administration easier and boosting productivity. The service’s user-friendly interface makes file transfers from one cloud drive to another incredibly simple. MultCloud is the perfect option if you have many cloud accounts to make sure you can easily transfer your stuff across them.

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