Missing Mobile Legends Quick Chat? Here’s How to Overcome It

Missing Mobile Legends Quick Chat?  Here’s How To Overcome It

Not so long ago, a lot player Mobile Legends which reports a problem with the Quick Chat feature that suddenly disappears. Of course this will greatly affect the playing experience, so we must immediately find a solution.

Guess what caused it ML Quick Chat suddenly disappeared? So if you are also experiencing the same problem, then you really have to refer to the following discussion so you know how to solve it.

What is Quick Chat ML?

What Is Quick Chat Ml?
What Is Quick Chat Ml?

Maybe some of you are still confused and don’t know what is meant by quickchat ML. This is a feature that allows players to be able to communicate with team members quickly.

Examples include signs to go forward, backward, gather or other forms of communication. Because as we know that Mobile Legends is a game MOBA 5 vs 5 so cooperation between team members is needed.

And to create good cooperation, of course communication between members is the most important part. Therefore, this ML quick chat is really needed to keep this communication going well.

How to Overcome Missing ML Quick Chat

How To Overcome Missing Ml Quick Chat
How To Overcome Missing Ml Quick Chat

From the explanation above, we understand why the ML quick chat is so important. Because he will be needed for communication between team members so they can coordinate and communicate with each other during the game.

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Without a quick chat, it will be difficult for us to coordinate with teammates, especially if we are not on an open mic and playing in person random aka solos.

So for that, you have to know the solution to the missing ML quick chat so that the problem can be solved immediately.

  • Open Mobile Legends game on your HP.
  • After that, enter the menu Settings/Settings.
  • In section Chat or Interfacesbe sure Quick Chat On position.
  • Kailan can close games forcibly then open it again.
  • Check whether the quick chat feature is back to normal.


The existence of the quick chat feature will indeed make it easier for players to communicate with each other between their teammates.

So that later we can coordinate better about strategy and what things we will do during the game.

Because of that, you must immediately solve this missing ML quick chat problem so that it can be used normally again.

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