Mikeyeldey95: Simulating Windows 95 on a Mega Drive console

One of the coolest things about the retro space is that some enthusiasts keep releasing new products for classic PCs and consoles: adapters, converters, expansion modules, alternate BIOSes, and of course, video games. But the Mikeyeldey95 project It’s much more than that. It all started as an album, and over time it became a kind of Windows 95 simulator for Sega Mega Drive, full of songs, jokes, nostalgia, and various secrets. The best part? Will be available as physical cartridge.

Nostalgia can be very powerful on its own, but better still is to take its essence and transform it into something new, different. For example, Windows 95 will turn 27 on August 24, and the sega mega drive will reach 34 in October. Both platforms reached their peak in the ’90s, but they always targeted a relatively different audience.

What is it that can unite Windows 95 with the Mega Drive? An artistic project like the one created by «Mikeyeldey». Technically, Mikeyeldey95 it is his most recent album, and anyone interested can access it for a very reasonable sum on Bandcamp, but the story does not stop there. The “disk” also functions as video game for Mega Drivewhich simulates a fairly convincing Windows 95 environment, packed with details that will put a smile on your face.

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Windows 95 “Simulator” for Mega Drive

The game/album/simulator is not available yet, so the best way to understand this wonderful chaos is by following the review that Michael MJD posted on YouTube recently (below). When we connect the cartridge to the console (!)the game welcomes us with a parody of a classic BIOS, and an animation inspired by the old boot Windows 95 with an overdose of vaporwave. Then he moves us to the desk? of Windows, with six icons (Console, Internet, Music, Inbox, Display and Credits).

If we wait a bit, Clippy himself appears on the desktop, ready to offer unsolicited help. (as usual). The Internet opens a parody of the unforgettable GeoCities, full of shortcuts to well-known sites (obviously it is fakes, because there is no connection). The Music section is loaded with a part of the album, and Display activates different classic Windows themes (highlighting the colorful eye-melting Hot Dog Stand)but one of the best elements is Mail. New mail “they will arrive” to our box, including one called «ILOVEYOU»… and we already know what that means.

As for the rest, such as built-in games and secrets, you’ll have to figure it out on your own. There are three ways to obtain a copy of Mikeyeldey95: The first one is download the ROM file free of charge (compatible with various emulators for Mega Drive) Beginning June 24. The second is… buy the cartridge! Its international shipping is a bit expensive, but even so, it has already sold out all the special editions, so its demand is huge. Finally, the digital edition of the soundtrack costs one canadian dollar, available in MP3 and FLAC. Link below!

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Official site: Click here

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