Microsoft opens access to Bing Chat with ChatGPT AI through Edge

Microsoft Opens Access To Bing Chat With Chatgpt Ai Through Edge
Microsoft Opens Access To Bing Chat With Chatgpt Ai Through 'Edge'

The OpenAI artificial intelligence revolution in the form of ChatGPT has been making a lot of headlines since its third version was released last November. Microsoft reached an agreement to integrate it into its Bing search engine creating Bing Chat, but it was of limited access with a waiting list. After the presentation of the fourth version, GPT-4, the company has opened its hand to accessing Bing Chat, even if it is only through its browser. edge.

At the top right of the browser there is now a button to start Bing Chat, after which you can ask any questions you want. It’s quite slow in processing and generating responses, but it gives a good idea of ​​how Microsoft has merged its search engine with ChatGPT.

Compared to the previous version used by Microsoft, GPT-3.5, certain response concatenation restrictions have been removed, among others, that could make the artificial intelligence become stubborn in its responses or even practically insult the user. Microsoft’s investment of more than $2bn in OpenAI has given it a competitive advantage over Google, which has its AI browser in its infancy compared to what ChatGPT can do.


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