Meitu AI Art, Edit Photos So Anime Easily

Meitu Ai Art, Edit Photos So Anime Easily

In recent times, there have been many trends in turning photos into anime that are famous in Indonesia TikTok. To turn a photo into anime is not that difficult Face Playcan rely on third-party applications, namely Meitu. Meitu AI Art is an AI photo processing into anime with extraordinary results.

This application is quite popular and is widely used by those who like to beautify their photos character anime. With this application you can edit photos easily and can access various features for free to make the process easier editing.

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Review Meitu AI Art

Review Meitu Ai Art
Review Meitu Ai Art

The Meitu application is a solution for those of you who need an application for editing photos into anime with great results. To make sure you use the application, first find out the relevant information. The following is brief information about Meitu.

Meitu AI Art is one of the photo editing application which was developed by Meitu (China) Limited and has a feature that can turn photos into animations. Apart from that, you can edit videostake selfie Photo with beauty features, to slimming.

When using the beautification feature, you can easily adjust facial features in one click, adjust skin tone, streamline faces, add decorations, remove wrinkles, and change the length of your legs to make them look longer.

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The Meitu app is available at Playstore with a size of about 142 MB. For those of you who want to download, you should have a device with the latest version Androids 6.0 and above so that you can use the application without any problems.

How to use the Meitu AI Art application

How To Use The Meitu App
How To Use The Meitu App

How to edit photos in this application is quite easy and simple, as long as the device used is compatible with the application. For those of you who want to use Meitu for editing photo To become a beautiful anime character, here’s how to edit photos with the Meitu application:

  1. First, download and first install the Meitu application to the device you are using.
  2. After success, open the application. For turn photos into animeyou click AI Art.
  3. Then, click Allow to make it easier for the app to access the photo gallery.
  4. Then, select the photo you want to turn into anime.
  5. Wait until the application generates an animated image
  6. Do not exit the application while the AI ​​is processing photos so that the photo import does not fail.
  7. Finally, your photo has been successfully edited.
  8. Save the edited photo by clicking Save. Apart from saving it in the form of a photo, you can save it in the form of a transition video before-after from the photo you have selected.

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The advantages of the Meitu AI Art Application

Pros Of The Meitu App
Pros Of The Meitu App

Meitu is a versatile application for editing photos or videos for display on social media. There are several advantages of the Meitu application that you need to know, namely:

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1. Complete Features

The Meitu application has complete supporting features to help edit photos. You can use a variety of features that can make photos more beautiful. Such as color correction to keep the original image texture, erase double chin, facial feature correction, and more.

2. Various Applicable Filters

Meitu gives users access to many filter which is ready to use to produce a different style on the photos you edit. You can immediately see the difference when you apply a variety different filters on photos.

3. Can Edit Videos

Meitu can not only edit photos, it can also edit videos that can be shared on various social media platforms. You can upload the video results at YouTube or TikToka video application that is currently busy.

Download Meitu – AI Photo Editing & Painting

Download Meitu - Ai Painting & Photo Editing
Download Meitu – Ai Photo Editing & Painting

Interested in using an AI application that can change the face to look more beautiful and cool, therefore you must download it using the download link below that we have provided.

No Description
1 Application Name Meitu – AI photo editing & Painting
2 Requires Android
Android 6.0 and up
3 Version
4 File Size 200MB
5 Developers
Meitu (China) Limited
6 Official download links Downloads
7 Link Download MOD APK Downloads

The final word

Meitu AI Art is a recommended application because it has a variety of interesting features and great photos with process editing simple. You can turn photos into anime easily and quickly. Good luck and get the best experience in photo editing.

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