MediaMarkt Red Night, are they real offers or is there a trick?

Mediamarkt Red Night, ¿Son Ofertas Reales O Hay Truco?

MediaMarkt is one of the largest technology franchises in all of Spain, and surely you know the famous days without VAT, or the promotions of euros per kilo or inch to change your old television. This same week was the Red Night, another of the hook promotions that MediaMarkt gives us, but Are they real offers or does it have a trick? Next, we reveal everything to you.

The Red Night was last night on March 13, 2023For a few hours the prices of the top technology products theoretically lowered their price, but it seems that MediaMarkt has used the same trick as many, alter prices days before to continue taking advantage of the situation.

Changed prices on many products

The Internet is one of the great allies for many users, but it can also be a double-edged sword, stores like MediaMarkt They allow us to buy online and this means that we can see the prices continuously, well, we have investigated the price of some items and their evolution over time And this is the result:

  1. Let’s look at the first case where the product is a iPhone 13 pinkthe original price in the March 6 was €779that is, the same price as during Red Nightso in this case MediaMarkt has not discounted this product during the promotion.
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Image - Mediamarkt Red Night, Are They Real Offers Or Is There A Trick?

  1. Laptop Asus VivoBook Pro 15 OLEDthe price during the Red Night was €849but if we go up to date February 20, 2023, the price of this laptop was €699we are talking about MediaMarkt raising the price by a total of €150 during Red Night.

Image - Mediamarkt Red Night, Are They Real Offers Or Is There A Trick?

  1. He Xiaomi Redmi 9Cduring the Red Night we were able to buy it for the price of €160but it is that the day March 6, its price was €139, another case where MediaMarkt has inflated the price of the device to get the maximum profit. Today we can buy it for €140.90.

Like these, there are many devices in which MediaMarkt has raised the price a little to obtain a greater profit. Now, these types of promotions are really attractive to many users, and if you may find some other real offer, but if you are thinking of buying a device, it is best to observe its price variation for at least a few months.

Like everything, MediaMarkt’s Red Night promotion has a trick and this leads us to think that if these price changes are made with a simple promotion of one night, during the campaigns of Black Friday or similar, the company may be multiplying its profits thanks to the “hook” they get in front of the public.

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