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The Lightroom Dark moody formula is often used by teenagers in sharing photos on their social media to make them look cool. Getting a cool photo, will certainly invite a lot of likes and comments on the post.

Some asked for the lightroom dark moody formula, some asked for editing so that the photos contained the Dark Moody filter. However, now you can edit yourself using the dark moody effect in lightroom, which I will give this admin.

The application of this Moody formula can be done using the Adobe Lightroom application for PC. Not only on LR PC, you can use this Dark Moody formula for LR Android to get this cool tone.

Lightroom Dark Moody Android formula

This Moody Dark formula is quite popular among Adobe Lightroom lovers. Because the filter effect generated from the formula is dark green.

The dark green color is perfect for photos with the theme of street activity and forest.

By using this formula, the photos you want will soon be realized. Here are the Dark Moody formulas you want.

1. Light


In this setting you can adjust the footage needs. Where you can follow the guidelines in the image/table below. Drawn you can adjust exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, whites and blacks.

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Exposure 0.00
Contrast -27
Highlights +24
Shadows -19
Whites -100
Blacks -67

2. Color


In this color menu, you can adjust the Temperature, Tint, Vibrance and Saturation according to the instructions in the image above.

However, there are some photos that don’t have to match the formula guidelines above. It depends on the photo you use because each photo has its own lighting.

The formulas are in tabular form as follows to make it easier for you to apply them:

Temperature +19
Tint +29
Vibrance -74
Saturation +27

3. Mixcolor

Mix Color

The next setting is the mix color setting. You can adjust the Hue, saturation, and luminace according to the above image. However, the dark moody effect formula above is only for the Orange color setting. For other colors, see the table below.

Yellow Hue : +87
Saturation : – 100
Luminance : 0
Green Hue : -8
Saturation : -100
Luminance : -100
Red Hue : 0
Saturation : 0
Luminance : 0
Blue Hue : 0
Saturation : -41
Luminance : -64
Aqua Hue : 0
Saturation : 0
Luminance : 0
Purple Hue : 0
Saturation : 0
Luminance : 0
Pink Hue : 0
Saturation : 0
Luminance : 0

4. Effect

You can set the effect in the menu Effect on adobe lightroom android using the following edit formula settings.

Vignette -71
Feather 87

5. Split Tone

In the split tone setting, you can adjust the formula below according to the needs of the photo.

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Highlights 14 & 18
Saturation 221 & 18

6. Details

In these detailed settings you can adjust the formula to the photos you have. Here is the formula in question:

Noise Reduct 10
Details 50
Color Reduct 10

How to Edit Photos Using the Dark Moody Formula

For those of you who don’t know how to edit photos using the formulas in the table above, here are the basic guidelines:

  1. Prepare the photo you want to edit
  2. Open the Lightroom app
  3. Import the photo
  4. Open the photo to enter the Lightroom Workspace
  5. Open the menus one by one, starting from “Lights” until “Details”
  6. In each of these menus, you enter the numbers according to the moody formula in the table above
  7. After you have successfully entered everything and your photo has changed its effect, do Export / save it to the gallery
  8. Done, the photo is ready to upload

Download Preset Dark Moody

There is already a Lightroom Dark Moody tone that packs it in the form of a DNG preset. DNG is a file format used to store lightroom formulas, one of which is Dark Moody’s lightroom formula.

The following admin has 2 Dark Moody tones that are ready to use, please download it, it’s free:

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Dark Moody Android Presets
Free Moody Vibes Presets

Thus the review of the dark moody formula in lightroom has been completed. That way you can share your edits to social media when you’re done editing, good luck.

That’s the whole content of our article this time about Lightroom Dark Moody Green Contemporary Formula

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