Ketchup as thermal paste and other experiments: How difficult is it to cool a GPU?

Ketchup As Thermal Paste And Other Experiments: How Difficult Is It To Cool A Gpu?

refrigeration experiments in computing they’re uncommon and very quite a few. From Peltier modules to large bellows, by way of liquid nitrogen, faucet water and direct immersion, one might say that we now have examined of the whole lot, however there is at all times room for extra concepts. that is how we arrived to the German ComputerBase forumthe place the person AssassinWarlord revealed a lengthy listing of outcomes obtained with completely different interfaces… together with cheese, mashed potatoes, and ketchup.

each laptop wants dissipate warmth by some means. A bit of or a lot, it does not matter: The goal is to scale back the temperature of its parts, and we now have a number of methods at our disposal. The easiest is… to do nothing, and let a chip dissipate warmth by itself (one thing quite common in low energy techniques)however most often we use followers and metals such as copper, aluminum, or a mixture of each to enhance the method.

The drawback is that that is not sufficient: The contact between the chip and the steel should be optimum, so we’d like a thermal interface. Over the years we have examined all kinds of drugs, at all times related to magical refrigeration guarantees, however if you would like to see the newest spherical of experiments, you will want to go to the German forum ComputerBase. There, the person AssassinWarlord revealed outcomes for greater than a dozen and a half interfaces, based mostly on a graphics card Radeon R7 240 with a TDP of 30 watts. First conclusions? The ketchup is not that dangerous.

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Cooling a graphics card with ketchup and other “thermal pastes”

Ketchup As Thermal Paste And Other Experiments How Difficult Is
The Contact Of The Ketchup With The Aluminum Block (Assassinwarlord)

Among the “professional” supplies we see a number of thermal pads with completely different thicknesses (Arctic, Alphacool and EKWB are among the manufacturers talked about)however after we transfer to the DIY area we discover ketchup, mashed potatoes, toothpaste, child cream, and… cheese.

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The Furmark Take A Look At For Ketchup (Assassinwarlord)
1674583831 2 Ketchup As Thermal Paste And Other Experiments How Difficult Is
The Basic Graph That “Assassinwarlord” Revealed With All The Outcomes

The greatest outcomes are the obvious: Arctic MX-4 and Corsair TM30 pastes seem within the first locations with 49 and 54 levels Celsius respectively, whereas the rostrum is closed by the 1mm Arctic TP-3 pad. with 61 levels. However, probably the most spectacular efficiency among the many DIYs was demonstrated by the ketchupholding the cardboard beneath a FurMark session at 71 levels. That was sufficient to find the ketchup within the high 10 Of the exams.

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Obviously, A Take A Look At With Toothpaste Couldn’T Be Lacking. Sensodyne, On This Case. (Assassin Warlord)
1674583832 385 Ketchup As Thermal Paste And Other Experiments How Difficult Is
90 Levels Beneath Furmark, “Enough” To Stop Throttling (Assassinwarlord)

Ssimply the toothpaste managed to escape the situation throttling with 90 levels. Cheese, potato and child cream introduced the R7-240 proper up to 105 levels. At the identical time, high-profile flops like copper paste, EKWB pad, and copper-aluminum tapes are drawing a lot of consideration. So, now you realize: If you’ve gotten a low-power element and the weekend caught you with out thermal paste… it’s possible you’ll discover a short-term answer in your fridge. (?)

Source and photos: Assassin Warlord at ComputerBase

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