Java Was Started by Returned Exit Code=13 (Causes, Fixes)

Java Was Started By Returned Exit Code=13 (Causes, Fixes)

Java was began however returned exit code=13 is an error it’s possible you’ll set off whenever you launch eclipse with the improper model of Java. The error is frequent in Windows 7, 8, and 10.Java Was Started By Returned Exit Code13 Causes

In this put up, you’ll study the causes of this error and the varied options to it. Read on to seek out out.

Why Am I Getting The Java Was Started by Returned Exit Code=13 Error?

You can get the java was began however returned exit code=13 is error on account of a number of causes, reminiscent of putting in the improper Java model or incorrectly setting the Java Environment Path Variable. Using the improper model of Java Virtual Machine additionally results in this error.

These are the principle triggers of the error in query. That stated, there are variations to this error reminiscent of:

  • java was began by returned exit code=13 sts
  • java was began by returned exit code=13 dbeaver
  • java was began by returned exit code=13 mulesoft
  • talend java was began by returned exit code=13
  • java was began by returned exit code=13 anypoint studio
  • java was began by returned exit code=13 datastax devcenter
  • java was began by returned exit code=14

Are you struggling to grasp why you’re getting this error message? Below is a fast have a look at every of them to assist make clear the varied causes of this error.

– Installing Incompatible Java or Eclipse Version

One of the most typical causes of this error is the set up of the improper Java JDK. If you set off this error, chances are high your eclipse set up is the improper model. For occasion, you could have put in a 64-bit model of Java or Eclipse on a pc that helps 32-bit or vice-versa.

– Inclusion of Special Characters Within the Installation Directory

Eclipse is thought to incorporate particular characters reminiscent of #, @, $, ^, and % within the set up listing. As a end result, these might set off the error in query or a variation of the error, reminiscent of eclipse java was began by returned exit code=1.

– Incorrectly Setting the Java Environment Path Variable

Another motive your eclipse set up might set off this error is due to an improper Java surroundings path variable. Therefore, if the whole lot else checks out, you must take into account checking the surroundings path variable because it is likely one of the culprits.1674212458 736 Java Was Started By Returned Exit Code13 Causes

– Using the Wrong Version of Java Virtual Machine (JVM)

Even when you realize your laptop makes use of the most recent Eclipse model, it could be counting on the improper model of Java Virtual Machine. As a end result, Eclipse will set off this Eclipse error.

– Errors in eclipse.ini File Settings

If you make a mistake when setting the eclipse.ini file, then it’s possible you’ll set off this error in Java. Therefore, you need to be cautious every time making adjustments to this configuration file.

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How To Fix The Java Was Started by Returned Exit Code=13 Error?

To repair this exit code= 13 error, guarantee you’ve gotten the right mixture of JDK for Eclipse or do away with particular characters within the eclipse set up listing path. Also, you could have to remove the damaged path variable, and if this fails, it’s worthwhile to reinstall the Java JDK.

It is advisable that you simply observe the options within the order outlined till you repair the problem.

– Solution 1: Use the Proper Combination of Eclipse Java Development Kit

Both Java Development Kit and Eclipse are typically choosy when working with one another. At this level, it’s value stating that there are numerous working combos of working techniques, Eclipse, and JDK bitness.

Therefore, in case you make the most of an unsupported mixture of Eclipse, JDK, and the working system, then you’re going to set off this error. To make it straightforward to grasp the working combos, you should utilize the next record for reference to confirm in case you have an unsupported configuration:

  • 32-bit working system, 32-bit JDK, 32-bit Eclipse
  • 64-bit working system, 64-bit JDK, 64-bit Eclipse
  • 64-bit working system, 32-bit JDK, 32-bit Eclipse

Suppose your system has a unique configuration, then you’ll have to uninstall the offending part and change it with the suitable part. This ought to resolve the error you’re encountering. If you discover your system configuration is okay, then it’s worthwhile to examine the next options.

But earlier than that, in case you have no idea your working system bit structure, you solely have to press the Windows key plus R to launch the run dialog field. In the field, kind in “msinfo32” after which press the Enter button to entry the System Information display. Next, navigate to the System abstract part within the System Information show to examine the kind of working system your laptop is operating.

– Solution 2: Eradicating Special Characters in Eclipse Installation Directory

If your Eclipse set up listing has particular characters, then you’ll have to do away with them. Suppose that is what’s triggering this error in your laptop, you possibly can resolve this error simply. You solely have to take away particular characters reminiscent of @, #, (, ), +, *, &, ^, %, and $ amongst others within the listing title.1674212459 188 Java Was Started By Returned Exit Code13 Causes

The default path ought to look one thing like this C:IDEeclipse or C:Usersusernameeclipse. However, in case you set up eclipse in a customized location, then you must set up in case you unknowingly included particular characters which are triggering this error.


To do that, you manually need to navigate to the folder you put in Eclipse, to take away any particular characters. Now, you must needless to say eliminating these particular characters might set off completely different errors.

Often, this happens as a result of different dependencies exist that rely upon that location and won’t perform correctly with the change you make. In reminiscent of case, it is possible for you to to resolve the error by reinstalling Eclipse.

Suppose you do the whole lot, however this doesn’t resolve the error in query. Then, you will want to attempt the next resolution.

– Solution 3: Reconfigure eclipse.ini File

If you lately made adjustments to the Eclipse.ini configuration file that triggered the error in query, then you may be happy to know which you can reconfigure the file. Here are easy steps you possibly can observe to reconfigure the file.

Step 1: First, press the Windows key plus E key concurrently in your keyboard to launch file explorer and discover the listing the place you put in Eclipse. Once you discover it, open the eclipse.ini file utilizing Notepad.

Step 2: Within Notepad, seek for the road that accommodates “-vmargs” within the eclipse.ini and contains the next code earlier than this line. Here is the road you must embrace earlier than the stated line: C:Program FilesJavajdk1.7.0_40-64javaw.exe. Once you’re performed, save the adjustments.

Please be aware that the trail will range relying on the JDK model you’re utilizing. For occasion, in case you have a 32-bit JDK, the trail would look one thing like this C:Program Files (x86)Javajdk1.7.0_40-64binjavaw.exe.

Ensure you substitute jdk1.7.0 with the model you’ve gotten.

– Solution 4: Eliminating a Broken System Path Variable

Apparently, Java 8 and several other different Java updates can mess up your surroundings variables, triggering the error in query. If you’re getting this error after putting in a Java replace, then you must take into account the next steps to take away a damaged System variable path.

Step 1: Press the Windows key plus R to launch the Run dialog field. Now, within the dialog field, enter the phrase “sysdm.cpl” and press the Enter key to open your laptop’s system properties window.

Step 2: Within the System Properties window, navigate to the Advanced tab and open the Environment Variables choice on the backside.

Step 3: Now, throughout the Environment Variables window navigate to the System variables and select the Path choice, and click on on Edit.

Step 4: Next, In the Edit window, seek for an surroundings variable that mentions Java. After you discover it, click on on it and select Delete.

Step 5: The very last thing after you delete and save adjustments, it’s worthwhile to restart your laptop and launch Eclipse to see if it generates the identical error.

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In case all of the above options don’t work, then take into account deploying the next resolution.

– Solution 5: Reinstall Java JDK

Now that you’re this far, chances are high all of the options above haven’t solved the error in your laptop. To get your self out of this predicament, you’ll have to reinstall the most recent model of JDK. Doing this is likely one of the quickest methods of fixing this error in Java.

But first, you’ll have to uninstall your present model of JDK earlier than you possibly can set up the most recent model. Here are the easy steps of how one can accomplish this:

  1. On your laptop, press the Windows key plus the R key to launch the Run dialog field. Next, kind this command “appwiz.cpl” and hit the Enter key to entry the Programs and Features window.
  2. Now, throughout the Programs and Features window, navigate to the Java Development Kit and its updates. Right-click on the JDK and uninstall it, then do the identical with its replace.
  3. Next, it’s worthwhile to obtain the most recent model of JDK that’s suitable together with your working system model in addition to its bit-architecture. For this, you will want to go to Oracle to seek out the most recent JDK appropriate on your working system and obtain it.
  4. Once you obtain the most recent model, run the installer to put in the JDK. The installer will take you thru the method by way of on-screen prompts. After you’re performed putting in the most recent JDK, you’ll have to restart your laptop.
  5. Now, begin Eclipse to examine if the error persists as soon as the pc restarts.


When utilizing Java, it’s possible you’ll set off the “Java was started but returned exit code =13” error. In this put up, you’ve gotten discovered its causes and how one can repair them. Here is a fast recap:

  • With this error, Java tells you that one thing is improper, and it may very well be JDK, settings, or the surroundings.
  • The most important reason for this error is using the improper model of Java or an unsupported JVM
  • Other causes embrace a damaged surroundings path, particular characters, and errors within the eclipse.ini file
  • The options to the error embrace reinstalling the most recent JDK, eradicating damaged path variable, and eradicating particular characters within the set up listing
  • Also, you possibly can resolve the error by reconfiguring the eclipse.ini file or utilizing the suitable mixture of JDK and your working system.

Now that you realize the causes and options to this error in Java and how one can now deal with it every time it seems.

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