iOS 16 is already on 69% of iPhones

Ios 16 Is Already On 69% Of Iphones
Ios 16 Is Already On 69% Of Iphones

One of the few benefits that iOS continues to have over Android has to do with working system updates. It is more and more related because of the concern of safety patches, which in Android, hopefully, are secured in the principle units for 2 or three years. In the remaining, particularly a budget ones from Chinese manufacturers, if two or three patches are obtained throughout the first months, that is all that is obtained. iOS 16 has already obtained a number of safety patches, which along with the information have meant that it is already put in on 68.95% of iPhones.

At least in line with knowledge from Mixpanel, an organization devoted to software and system analytics. iOS 15 stays on 24.78% of units, whereas earlier variations stay on 6.27% of iPhones. Considering that Apple normally distributes the foremost updates for its iPhones of the final 5 or 6 years, that would imply that they’re units of six years or extra which might be nonetheless working. -but with holes of security-.



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