Instalooker Private Instagram Viewer Review, Does it Really Work 100%?

Instalooker Private Instagram Viewer Review, Does It Really Work 100%?

When exploring Instagram, of course you have ever found a private IG account. When you click on the account, the words ‘This account is private’ will appear. Follow this account to see their photos and videos. Now, there are lots of people who want to know how to view photo and video posts from locked IG accounts without having to follow them. One of the tips that went viral was to use a site service called Installlooker. So, does this really work?

What is Installlooker?


Maybe some of you are hearing about Instalooker for the first time. Instalooker is a site view private instagram accounts. In a sense, the website is said to allow us to see photos from Instagram accounts that the owners deliberately private.

Of course these claims make many people curious and want to try it. Because as we know that when an IG account is locked, the public who haven’t followed it won’t be able to see posts on that account.

And even if you send a follow request to the private account, it’s not certain that he will accept it. So that we can’t even see the contents of the account if we don’t succeed in getting the owner to let us follow.

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So that’s why the presence of this Instalooker site is in great demand because it can be a solution to this problem. So, how about how to use it? Please refer to the following explanation.

Instalooker Features You Should Know


What are the excellent features presented by this site? According to the official page, there are several interesting features that we can get, including:

1. View Private Accounts

For the main services offered by themselves, of course, to view photo posts from IG accounts that have been private by their owners. Because we often find many Instagram accounts that are deliberately locked. So that the public cannot even see the contents of posts on the account if they have not been approved to follow them.

2. No Additional App

Instalooker comes in the form of an online service that can be accessed directly through its website. So in this case we don’t need to download or install other additional applications.

3. Legal and Safe.

This site also claims that the services they provide are legal and safe. So users don’t need to worry when using the features provided by Instalooker.

How to Use


For its own use, is fairly easy and can be used by anyone. With just a few steps, it is said that we can open all the photos in the private IG account. Curious?

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1. First, please open the site Installlooker.
2. Next, you select the Spy Now menu to start.
3. Then you just enter the username from the private account.
4. Make sure you enter your username without the @ sign.
5. After that, just click the Check username option.
6. The site will start checking and processing your request.
7. If it is successful, click the Confirm option.
8. Now there will be an option to View Photos, Download Photos or View Profile.
9. Please select one and click Confirm.
10. Finally, usually you will be asked to complete a survey.
11. He said the survey was an anti-bot verification effort.

Does Really Work?


So the next question is, is it true that the site can really make us see the contents of an Instagram account that has been private? After exploring Jakarta Studio, the final process of using this service is that we must first complete a survey. Can I use Instalooker without a survey?

As far as Jakarta Studio is aware, we are required to complete the survey as a form of human verification. So can we see photos of locked IG accounts after that? It turns out that even though we have completed the survey, we still cannot open the contents of the private account.

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So in conclusion, this NOT WORK to view IG account posts that are locked by their owners. So it’s useless if you try it even though there will be no results. until now there is no way that can be used to break into a locked Instagram account without following it first.


Thus the discussion about the site which has been viral lately. It is said that we can use this service to view the contents of private accounts on Instagram. But the fact is that this claim is a lie and also a hoax. Hopefully the above information can help and is also useful.

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