I2P: An alternative to Tor to browse anonymously

I2P: An Alternative To Tor To Browse Anonymously

at the time of browse with privacy and anonymity, almost all the arrows point in the direction of Tor. However, Tor is far from a perfect tool., and it is not the only solution available either. One of the most interesting alternatives is I2Pa network layer peer-to-peer, encrypted, and censorship-resistant. The main objective of I2P is to offer a means of communication for those users who have their freedoms restricted, but as with Tor, chances are you’ll find everything there, good and bad.

Algorithms that study our browsing patterns, content with geographic restrictions, social platforms that absorb data, services that threaten their users… It’s not hard to get tired of all that. The feeling that there is something broken on the superficial Web it is getting stronger, and that leads us to study other resources, other paths. The most popular is Tor, with twenty years of development on its shoulders, and a package that reduces your installation process to a couple of clicks.

However, Tor is not alone in this story. there is also I2Pa project with a similar age and common goals despite their technical differences. I2P it uses peer-to-peer technology, and there are no exit nodes like in Tor. From a certain point of view, every I2P user is a routersharing bandwidth to improve their own performance and help others.

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How to browse anonymously with I2P

I2P An Alternative To Tor To Browse Anonymously
The I2P Main Console

Originally, I2P was known for its complex setup process, but that’s all over now. The official page offers a build compatible with Windows that requires few steps, and also eliminates the classic Java requirement. The only thing I2P asks for before starting is a Firefox installationor alternatively, a copy of the Tor Bundle to use your browser.

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You Will Need To Share Some Bandwidth For I2P To Work Properly

Once configured and assigned the percentage of bandwidth that we want to share, I2P should open a console with the address of localhost. This section is not only used to know the general status of the network, but also to receive the latest news, and access special applications. For example, we can manage contacts, set up an email account, and download BitTorrent files thanks to the integrated client I2PSnark.

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Some Of The Trackers On I2P Work Fine, And I2Psnark Will Help You Download Files.

Obviously, the main challenge is to find sites within I2P. One of the first stops for any user is “I2P Planet” (planet.i2p)which behaves as an aggregator focused on trackers, blogs, and other similar feeds. “eepstatus” (identiguy.i2p) it’s a kind of hybrid between an index and a health checker for a large number of sites. From here is when you should tread carefully: The content of these sites can take anyone by surprise. Finally, Legwork (legwork.i2p) It is the closest thing to a traditional search engine.

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I2P Planet Is Almost A Mandatory Stop
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«Eepstatus» Warns In Advance That It Does Not Verify The Content Of The Sites

Still, you will most likely find many sites that appear to be down, or I2P will simply say that the site was not saved in your address book. Actually, what you should do is use one of the “jump services” To obtain the address b32 updated.

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Does It Seem Droopy? Try One Of The Hopping Services

If that sounds too complex, well… is the price to pay. The I2P installer simplifies things a lot, but when it comes to navigating in this dark netYou have to get your hands dirty.

Official site and download: Click here

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