How to Withdraw Binance 2023

Cara Withdraw Binance
How To Withdraw Binance
For those of you who may be currently looking for how to withdraw binance means you entered the right article, because we have provided the discussion for you below.

The term trading at this time is no longer a foreign term anymore, because at this time people are discussing it a lot.

In addition, at this time many young people have emerged who started their success from playing trading.

Trading itself is an activity of exchanging goods or services that will be directly exchanged in currency.

There are also many types of trading, for example stock trading, forex, commodities and so on.

In this trading activity the currency that is usually used is in the form of crypto assets, managing crypto assets has also become a trend at this time.

Binance Smart Chain or what is usually shortened to BSC is a trading platform that is widely known among traders.

Even so, not a few of the trenders still don’t know how to withdraw Binance.

In the world of Cryptocurrence, there are lots of trendsetters who want to cash out after making a profit.

However, usually novice trenders still don’t know how to withdraw funds, especially the first time they withdraw.

Apart from that, the way to withdraw funds on Binance is also very different from other platforms, guys.

If this is your first time trying the Binance platform, don’t ever give up if you feel a little difficult, guys.

How to Withdraw Binance

For more details, please just look at the review on how to withdraw Binance, which is already below, until it’s finished, OK, OK!!!

1. How to Withdraw Binance Through Tokocrypto

How To Withdraw Binance
How to Withdraw Binance Through Tokocrypto

Tokocrypto is an application that is usually used to exchange crypto currencies from Indonesia.

In buying and selling Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies using the rupiah currency

This online platform has existed or been established since 2017 and has been registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Monitoring Agency of the Ministry of Trade BAPPRBTI and also the Ministry of Communication and Informatics or KOMINFO.

Even though it comes from Indonesia, Tokocrypto is integrated with Binance and can also use Binance Cloud technology.

All the money that has entered Tokocrypto can be immediately converted into Binance Rupiah BIDR which can then be directly used to buy crypto.

It’s best if you want to withdraw or withdraw money, you can withdraw BIDR and then convert it to IDR into the bank account that you have.

BIDR is a Stablecoin whose value is almost the same as 1BIDR = 1 Rupiah, both Binance and Tokocrypto already support BIDR so you can transfer directly from Binance to Tokocrypto and then withdraw to your account.

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The transaction fee for the Tokocrypto application that must be paid depends on the transaction that you have made.

To usually withdraw binance and also deposit your funds, you will be charged a fee of Rp. 5,500, while for digital asset exchange transactions, be it buying or selling using rupiah, you must pay 0.1% of the total assets owned.

Please just look at the steps on how to withdraw binance to Tokocrypto to a bank account, which are as follows:

  • Before you do, of course you should have registered on Tokocrypto.
  • If already registered you can immediately do KYC verification to be able to withdraw binance to the bank.
  • Then, all you have to do is enter the Tokocrypto application and open the menu Wallet > BIDR Deposit.
  • Please can you continue with copy or copy address BIDR wallet the.
  • Then you can move into the Binance application, then select the menu Walltes > Withdraw > BIDR.
  • Next, all you have to do is paste or paste the BIDR address that you copied earlier.
  • Enter it number of BIDRs that you want to withdraw, click the button Withdrawals.
  • In the next step, you must ensure that the BIDR has been received on your Tokocrypto account in about 3 to 5 minutes, if so, you can immediately do BIDR withdrawal into your bank account.
  • Then you can immediately enter the withdrawal method to Binance into your account by making sure you are still in the Tokocrypto application.
  • Followed by you open the menu Wallet > BIDR > Withdrawals.
  • Click on an option Add account if you have never added your destination bank account before.
  • If you have already, please you can immediately have Bank account yours then enter the amount of BIDR you want to withdraw.
  • The final step is just waiting for Tokocrypto to complete the BIDR transfer process into your bank account.
  • Finished!!!

How, isn’t it very easy to do a Binance Withdraw using the help of the Tokocrypto application, which you can apply immediately very easily, guys.

2. How to Withdraw Binance Through Indodax

How To Withdraw Binance
How to Withdraw Binance Through Indodax

Next is the way to withdraw from Binance to an account through Indodax, where Indodax itself has become the pioneer of a platform for buying and selling Indonesian digital assets that has existed since 2014.

Indodax itself has also been registered with BAPPRBTI and KOMINFO, so far more than 8 million verified members have joined Indodax.

Apart from that, Indodax has also offered 181 Crypto assets such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Doge and others which can make it easier for traders using FIAT BIDR.

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Before you make a withdrawal to your account, you must follow the steps for how to withdraw binance to Indodax, which are as follows:

  • The first step to take is to log into your Binance app.
  • After that, you can just open the menu Wallet > Withdraw to start the withdrawal process that will be carried out.
  • Then you just select the menu Cryptoif you want to make a withdrawal in Rupiah, then you just have to choose IDRT or rupiah tokens.
  • If you don’t have enough IDRT to make a withdrawal, then you have to make an exchange crypto token code go to IDRT first.
  • If so, you can just proceed to fill in the address from local platform wallet.
  • Don’t forget to specify either amount or withdrawal amount what to do.
  • Then, you just select the menu Withdraw then the IDRT process that you have requested will be sent directly to your Bitcoin platform.
  • If the withdrawal to your Wallet account has been successfully carried out, then you can then enter the binance withdrawal process to your account by opening the Indodax application, then you Login.
  • Please you can immediately open the menu Wallet.
  • Later, there will be a display Money withdrawal formplease, you can just fill in the form according to what is required, including the nominal you want to increase.
  • Next you can just type Indodax pins you and wait verification e-mail enter.
  • If you have received a verification email, you can proceed by clicking link which is already in the email you will receive.
  • Then automatically, your Binance withdrawal request will be processed immediately.
  • Finished!!!

For novice traders, they may be much more suitable using Indodax, apart from the appearance of the application interface, it is also much easier and Indodax also offers a deposit amount that is much lower than other platforms so that it will make it very easy for traders who have limited capital to start their steps.

The minimum transaction or minimum deposit amount is allowed to start from Rp. 10,000, but for the terms of the binance eithdraw fee charged to users it is quite high, namely Rp. 25,000 if you make transactions under Rp. 100 million and Rp. 100,000 if you make transactions over Rp. 100 million.

3. How to Withdraw Binance Through Doors

How To Withdraw Binance
How to Withdraw Binance Through Doors

As with Tkocrypto and also Indodax, this door application is a platform that has been registered with BAPPEBTI to carry out buying and selling activities of crypto currency.

The advantage of this application compared to other crypto applications is due to the addess book feature which is usually used to store contacts and also addresses by simply including a username.

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Not much different from Indodax, this gateway application also supports IDRT deposits and withdrawals, where IDRT is also a stable coin that is valued at 1:1 with the rupiah, the same as BIDR.

Before you make a withdrawal, you must have sold assets to IDRT on Binance first, guys.

The steps regarding how to withdraw binance using the Pintu application that can be applied immediately are as follows:

  • The first thing to do is make sure you have registered on the door application, and make sure it is too KYC verification because if it hasn’t been verified then you won’t be able to withdraw.
  • Add them too Bank account number you on the door app.
  • If you have successfully logged into the application, all you have to do is open the information rupiah balance then you just click the button other.
  • Please you can directly choose Accept > Wallet Address.
  • You can immediately see two types Wallet Addresses that is Ethereum (ERC-20) as well as Binance Chains (BEP-2)we recommend that you use BEP-2 to minimize withdrawal fees from Binance.
  • Copy it Wallet Addresses and also the memo that has been displayed.
  • Then all you have to do is open the Binance application that you have.
  • Enter the menu Wallet > IDR > Withdrawal.
  • Then, you can go straight Paste waller address which you have copied earlier.
  • Don’t forget to include either IDR amount that you want to drag, then click the button withdraw.
  • You can wait a few moments for your IDRT to enter your gateway account.
  • Furthermore, if IDRT has been entered, you can just click the button Pull then enter it nominal amount of rupiah that you want to withdraw to your bank account.
  • Wait a few moments until the money is successfully transferred to your account.
  • Finished!!!

How, it’s very easy, isn’t it a way to withdraw binance by using the Pintu application which can be used immediately.

The final word

Those are some how to withdraw binance which we can provide for you to apply very easily, guys.

You can use one of the several methods that we have provided for you above, use the method that you think is the easiest to do.

If you think the review that we have provided above is important, then don’t forget to help share this article as much as possible with your friends or relatives who don’t know about it.

That’s all the explanation is done here at this time, that’s all and I hope it’s useful for you and good luck, gess, okay?

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