How to View WiFi Password In Windows 11

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UnliHowHow to View WiFi Password In Windows 11

Almost all laptop devices are equipped with a WiFi connection. In addition to its main function as a liaison between networks, you can also use the connection as a router hotspot.

Now for those who want to know how to see WiFi passwords on Windows 11, below we have provided a tutorial.

This tutorial is based on cases that often occur in the field, for example, we want to connect to a WiFi connection, but no one knows the password.

Incidentally there is one laptop device that has been connected before, even though the owner forgot the WiFi password, but we can find out the wifi access key as if acting as a system hacker.

Take it easy, how to see WiFi passwords in Windows 11 is very easy, there are two options that you can use, starting from looking at the settings inside Control Panel and it can also be via the CMD command (Command Prompt).

How to View Wifi Password In Windows 11

Forgetting the WiFi password is something that is often found around our environment.

Because basically we always need a stable and fast internet connection, but we like to appear obstacles such as difficult to reach the network because there is no access password.

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Now in fact, how to see WiFi passwords in Windows 11 is almost the same as other versions of Windows.

Moreover, compared to the Windows 10 version, users will find similarities in navigation and appearance, because of the UI system (User Interface) the two systems are not much different.

You can also apply the following method on Windows 7 and Windows 8 devices as well.

Method 1: View Password WiFi Via Control Panel

Window Control Panel displays all the programs installed on your computer. Including WiFi network connection and see the hotspot password settings in it.

  1. Click button Search.
  2. Search and open Control Panel.
  3. Navigate to menu Network and Internet.Go To Network And Internet
  4. After that you can open Network and Sharing Center.Open Network And Sharing
  5. Click the Wifi connected on the laptop, the position of this article is next to the title Connection.Click Connected Wifi
  6. After exiting the small window, tap the button Wireless Properties.Click Wireless Hotspot
  7. Navigate to the tab menu Securitythen check the box Show character.Navigate To Security Check Show Character And See The Password
  8. There will appear the password of the connected wifi.

Method 2: View WiFi Password Via CMD

The second way to see the WiFi password in Windows 11 can be with the help of the command CMD (Command Prompt).

Apart from being used as an error repair command in the device system, we can also send commands such as viewing WiFi passwords.

  1. Tap the search button.
  2. Type and open CMD (Command Prompt)but via Run as administrator.
  3. Once open, enter the command netsh wlan show profiles.Type Command Netsh Wlan Show Profiles
  4. Later, all Wifi connections that have been connected to the device will appear, select the one that is currently connected.Wifi List Will Appear
  5. Type command netsh wlan show profile “SSID name”, the SSID name is the name of the Wifi, you can also see it at the top of the list. So an example is netsh wlan show profile INDIHOME 1.Enter Command Netsh Wlan Shot Profiles (Wifi Name)
  6. Type the command again netsh wlan show profiles “SSID name” key=clear.Enter Key Clear Command
  7. The password will appear in the title Key Content.See Password In Key Content
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The final word

That’s more or less how to see the WiFi password in Windows 11, please use this method to find out the password you forgot or don’t know. May be useful.

That’s the whole content of our article this time about How to View WiFi Password In Windows 11

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