How to View Deleted FB Accounts in 2023

Cara Melihat Akun Fb Yang Sudah Dihapus
How To View Deleted Fb Accounts

For those of you who are looking for how how to see deleted fb accounttake it easy because in this article we have provided the discussion for you.

You certainly already know that a Facebook account can be blocked and deleted either by the account owner or by Facebook directly.

However, did you know that the deleted account can still be searched and for those of you who want to know how to view a deleted FB account, you can watch this article to the end.

There are various reasons that cause an FB account to be deleted, either because it was deleted by the account owner or blocked by FB.

Meanwhile, Facebook itself has provided a special feature for deleting accounts and can be used by all users.

But sometimes this FB account is lost or deleted because the account owner forgets the password because he has never logged in for a long time.

If this happens, FB will “turn off” the FB account that has not carried out activity within a certain period of time.

Meanwhile, accounts that are blocked by Facebook usually occur because the user has committed several violations that are considered to violate the provisions of Facebook.

Because as you know, if Facebook has its own rules for the activities of its users and until these rules are violated, then Facebook has the right to give a warning or even a penalty to its users.

How to View Deleted FB Accounts

Well, in the following we will discuss and share information about how to see deleted fb account and other important information that needs to be known.

1. How to View Deleted FB Account via Email

How To View Deleted Fb Accounts
How to View Deleted FB Account via Email

A FB account is often considered to have been deleted or lost, because the owner has not used it for too long.

But actually this is not entirely true, because you can still search or see and even restore the deleted FB account using special methods or tricks.

The specific method or trick in question is to look back at the deleted FB account via email, guys.

You can try to find it using the email when you first registered for FB or the one that was registered on the deleted FB account.

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How to view a deleted FB account via email is as follows:

  • The first step, open the search engine on HP
  • Then, open Facebook and enter the email that was used to register or create an account.
  • Then you can just select the “Forgot Password” section and FB will give you the option to send the FB account verification code and you can choose via email.
  • If so, then you can wait until the code is sent to your email address then.
  • When it has been sent, you can immediately open it and see the verification code
  • After that, you will be directed to the settings menu to change the password.
  • Done and now the deleted/lost FB account can be seen and used again as usual.

2. How to View Deleted FB Accounts with Other User Accounts

How To View Deleted Fb Accounts
How to View Deleted FB Accounts with Other User Accounts

Apart from going through the “Forgot Password” feature, it turns out that deleted FB accounts can also be seen by utilizing the help of other FB user accounts, guys.

So, if you want to apply this method, make sure first that you have been given permission to borrow another user’s account which will later be used to find deleted/lost accounts.

You also have to ensure and make sure that the other accounts that are borrowed and used are accounts from trusted people.

For how to see a deleted FB account with another user’s account, as follows:

  • The first step, open one of the browsers on your cellphone or PC device.
  • Then open the Facebook page then select the “Forgot Account” menu.
  • Next, Facebook will offer you a number of ways you can recover your FB account, such as using an email or cellphone number. Please just choose one method according to what you want.
  • If so, please select “Next” then enter the account password.
  • Continue with the steps by following all the instructions or commands given until the verification code from Facebook is successfully obtained.
  • After that you can select “Reveal My Trusted Contacts” then enter the account name of the friend you asked for help before as a trusted person.
  • If so, please follow the instructions then open the link via your friend’s FB account earlier.
  • Then, use your friend’s account earlier to open the link and on the link, a special code is given that can be used to re-enter the deleted/lost account.
  • To enter the FB account, please use the code directly.
  • Finished.
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Because this method requires you to use someone else’s account/contact, so make sure that the person can be trusted when searching for this account.

Therefore, you can choose trusted contacts from the closest people or family, such as your partner’s FB account, brother, sister, or parents.

3. How to View Deleted FB Accounts through the Forgot Password Menu

How To View Deleted Fb Accounts
How to View a Deleted FB Account via the Forgot Password Menu

Not only to restore or search for deleted FB accounts, but we also usually lose access to FB accounts if we forget the password.

Of course, the problem of forgetting a password is a normal or very human thing to happen, considering that humans are the place to forget.

But you don’t need to worry if you experience this problem, because there are still workarounds that can be applied to overcome it.

Because actually the steps needed are very easy, if you want to re-access the FB account that forgot the password.

This is because Facebook has provided a special solution to overcome this problem, one of which is by utilizing the Forgot Password feature or menu on the platform.
For how to view a deleted FB account through the Forgot Password menu, as follows:
  • Open the Facebook application first then on the login page, you can select the “Forgot password” menu.
  • If so, please proceed to enter the email address or cellphone number that was used to register first.
  • After that, you will be shown a preview of the FB account profile and in this section, you just select “Continue” to get access again.
  • Furthermore, Facebook will send an OTP code to the email address or cellphone number that you entered earlier.
  • Then you will be directed to create a new password and just log in using that password if you have.
  • Finished.

You can record the new password, to avoid similar problems from happening again.

So all you have to do is look at the password in the notes if one day you forget the password or password for the FB account you are using.
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How to Restore Lost Facebook account Access

How To View Deleted Fb Accounts
How to Restore Lost Facebook account Access

Not only how to view deleted FB accounts, but we will also share other information that is no less important to know.

This important information is how to easily and quickly restore a lost Facebook account.

Of course, all access to the FB account will also be lost when the account is lost or deleted.

So you should try to restore all access to your FB account if this happens.

You don’t need to be confused, guys, because the way to restore an account like this has also been provided with facilities by FB and can be done quite easily, namely through a two-step verification process.

For how to restore lost Facebook account access, namely as follows:
  • Open the FB account that was just restored then enter the account profile section.
  • Then select the menu in the form of a three-dot icon at the bottom of the profile background.
  • Next, select the “Search for support” or “Report Profile” menu
  • Then select “Other Things” and tap “next”
  • The last part, all you have to do is select the “Restore this account” menu then follow all the instructions until account access is successfully restored.
  • Finished.

What you need to know, it takes quite a long time to restore access to a lost FB account.

So we recommend that you do this in your free time and also make sure that you have to do each step given correctly so that there are no errors when restoring access to your FB account.

The final word

Thus the information we share about how to see deleted fb account and other important information that can be learned and applied.

We have shared various ways to view deleted FB accounts and restore account access.

All you have to do is try to apply it to an account that has been deleted or lost to restore it so that it can be accessed again as usual.

So that your FB account can be found and accessed again as usual, make sure to follow all the steps above properly and correctly. Hopefully useful and good luck.

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