How to use the new Bing with GPT-4 in Chrome and Firefox

How To Use The New Bing With Gpt-4 In Chrome And Firefox

And in another episode of «Your loss of productivity using chatbots is one click away»the audience slowly approaches the optimized version of Bing with artificial intelligence. Because? Firstly, because it is the most direct and effective way to evaluate a model based on GPT-4, but the new Bing has some requirements that we must solve. The most important of them is edge use to chat with the chatbot, however, the extension Bing Chat for All Browsers enables access to both Chrome (and other Chromium flavors) like in Mozilla Firefox.

The OpenAI folks presented their new GPT-4 model, Microsoft confirmed the use of that same technology at Bing, and unsurprisingly, users are trying to interact with the chatbot… but Redmond can’t go against its very nature, and that means all stakeholders must meet some requirements.

The first of them is use a Microsoft account. Even old Hotmail emails are supported in this step, and shouldn’t cause any problems. But the second requirement is access with Edge… with all its ridiculous bloatware integrated. Luckily, a new extension called Bing Chat for All Browsers allows us to escape the tyranny of Edge, and test the chatbot in Chrome or Firefox.

Bing Chat in all browsers

How To Use The New Bing With Gpt 4 In Chrome
It Works Fine In Chrome/Chromium, But We Need To Do A Little Tweaking In Firefox Before We Start.

Your developer Sunhyun Chobetter known as «anaclumos» on GitHub, he explains that the extension works automatically in Chrome, but Firefox needs a little tweaking. Basically, we must update to the latest version, enter about:configchange the field “layout.css.overflow-overlay.enabled” of false to true, and restart the browser. If we don’t do this, the scrolling in the chat window will not work.

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At the same time, “anaclumos” reminds us that Microsoft account is required. The extension can’t do anything about itand some users will have to enter the waiting list in Other than that, the extension works perfectly. Choose a personality for Bing Chat, and get started!

Bing Chat for All Browsers (Chrome): Click here

Bing Chat for All Browsers (Firefox): Click here

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