How to Use Samsung Flow on Windows 10/11 PC

How To Use Samsung Flow On Windows 10/11 Pc

Here’s a guide on how to use Samsung Flow on Windows 10/11 PC. Samsung Flow is an application that allows users to connect their Samsung device with a Windows PC.

With Samsung Flow, users can transfer files, receive notifications and even control their phones from their PC. If you want to install and use Samsung Flow on Windows 11 then read this article till the end.

What is Samsung Flow?

If you frequently transfer files from your device to your Windows 10/11 PC, the Samsung Flow app is a great option. Samsung Flow is a great tool that lets you share files seamlessly and securely between supported Samsung devices like phones/tablets and PCs.

Apart from that, you can get notifications on your phone from your PC and reply to messages directly. You can also view phone content on the big screen (via Samsung Flow ‘Smart View’). Samsung Flow supports Automatic Hotspot Link which allows you to enable your Mobile hotspot easily.

To use Samsung Flow, the device must meet the minimum requirements – Windows 10 OS for PC, Android Marshmallow OS for mobile, and Android OS ver. 6.0 for tabs.

In the next section, we will share how to download Samsung Flow and install it on your Windows 10/11 PC and then use it.

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Download Samsung Flow for PC Windows 10/11

To download Samsung Flow on your Windows 10/11 PC, follow the steps below.

1: Open Microsoft Store via Start menu in Windows 10/11.

2: Type Samsung Flow in the search box and press Enter.

3: Click Getn button to start downloading and installing Samsung Flow on your PC.

How To Use Samsung Flow On Windows 10-A

Download Samsung Flow for Android

To use Samsung Flow on your Android tablet or phone, you need to download and install this app through the Google Play Store. Just open it, search for Samsung Flow and install it.

Or you can directly download Samsung Flow
from here.

How To Use Samsung Flow On Windows 10-B

How to Use Samsung Flow on Windows 10/11 PC

After installing the Samsung Flow app for Windows 10/11 and Android devices, now you can use this tool to transfer files.

1: First, you need to connect your phone and computer. To do this:

2: Open Samsung Flow on both devices at the same time.

3: On your PC, select your phone name to register.

4: Select Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to connect your phone and computer. Make sure the Wi-Fi is the same.

5: Then this app will generate a password to confirm the connection. Just confirm the pass lock on two devices. Then, both are connected and you can start using Samsung Flow.

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While connecting the phone and PC, you can choose a LAN cable. However note that the USB connection is only provided for Windows 10 tablets/PCs with Android QOS (Android 10).

That’s the guide on how to use Samsung Flow on Windows 10/11 PC. I hope this article was useful for you! Thank you for visiting.

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