How to Transfer Flip Coins to Account Easily

How To Transfer Flip Coins To Account Easily

Do you already know about an application called Flip? Simply put, Flip is an app e-wallet which is currently popular. Its function is almost the same as other digital wallets viz Fund, OVO, Gopay etc. However, one of the advantages of Flip is that it is free of admin fees for transfers to bank accounts.

For this reason, many people like to use Flip for transactions to send money to various retailersbank account without having to deduct admin fees.

Apart from that, there is one more feature in this app called Coin Flip. Where these coins can be collected and then withdrawn transferred to a bank account Also. Curious how? Immediately, you see the full discussion that we will review in the following article.

What Is Flip Coin?

What Is Flip Coin?
What Is Flip Coin?

First of all, let’s find out what is meant by a coin flip. This is a number of coins that are obtained from a unique code that is collected from every transaction we make at application the.

So what is the function of this flip coin? It’s like a bonus which you can collect and later can be used for various purposes such as buy pulses, electricity tokens, pay bills etc.

In addition, flip coins that have been collected in large quantities can also be withdrawn Bank account you know. So you can transfer the coins to our account and then take them in kind cash.

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What is the Minimum Withdrawal of Flip Coin?

Minimum Flip Coin Withdrawal
Minimum Flip Coin Withdrawal

To be able to withdraw flip coins, you must collect a minimum of 10,000 rupiah. You are also limited to withdrawing coins once a day with a maximum nominal value of 50 million rupiah.

How to Transfer Flip Coins to Account

How To Transfer Flip Coins To Account
How To Transfer Flip Coins To Account

So, of course, you want to know immediately how to send flip coins to a bank account. So that later it can be withdrawn in cash and used for other purposes.

  • Open the app Flip in smartphones you guys.
  • After that, click menu Other.
  • If so, click on options Withdraw Coins.
  • Enter the nominal coin you want to withdraw.
  • Then tap on the option Add Destination Account.
  • Choose Bank name what you guys use.
  • Then enter account number correctly.
  • If so, click options Check Name.
  • Make sure the recipient’s name matches the account.
  • Then click Add Destination Account.
  • Then click options Carry oninputs PIN number you guys.
  • Later the coins will be transferred to the account immediately.
  • How, really easy? Just try it right away.


Coin Flip is a form of coin that you can collect as a bonus for the transactions you make at platforms the. later coin we can transfer and send it to Bank account to then be withdrawn in cash and spent on other needs.

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