How to see my video views on Instagram

How To See My Video Views On Instagram

In case you need see views of your Instagram videoit’s essential to comply with some very quick and few steps to acquire this data, though it’s one thing you could solely discover out with your individual movies, about these that you’ve uploaded to your profile.

This implies that you will be unable to know the variety of instances that the movies of some other Instagram profile have been reproduced, it’s data reserved just for yours, a incontrovertible fact that solely you and nobody else can see, one thing that gives you an thought the scope of stated video.

You could see the views of regular movies that you’ve uploaded or additionally of Reels that you’ve created as a result of actually this content material can also be thought of a video for Instagram, though the best way of wanting on the reproductions of every one is completely different.

From the Instagram app

From the Instagram app for iOS and Android You can be ready to see the reproductions of your movies and in addition of the Reels uploaded.

Views of the movies

If you go to see the reproductions of the moviescomply with these steps:

  1. Click on your video in query and you’ll see the quantity of playback just under.
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Reproductions of the Reels

In case it’s a Reel, that is what you will have to do to see its reproductions:

  1. Enter the put up after which Click on “see insights”.

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  1. Then, scroll down the stats and take a look at one that claims “views”on the precise you’ll see the variety of instances it has been performed.

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Via Instagram web site

Also you should utilize Instagram Web to see the reproductions of your moviesNot in order that of the Reels that may solely be seen by means of the Instagram cell utility. These can be the steps to comply with:

  1. Enter the Instagram web site and log in along with your information, then click on on any video uploaded to your profile and look just under the variety of views.

Image - How To See My Video Views On Instagram

It’s that straightforward to verify and see the reproductions that the movies of your Instagram profile have hadthough it’s best to know that you simply can’t know the individuals who have seen them, however you may know the whole variety of views that they’ve amassed as we’ve already proven you.

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