How to Reset Epson M105

Cara Reset Epson M105

UnliHowHow to Reset Epson M105

Resetter Epson M105 is an application that is very helpful when the printer is having problems.

The problem we mean here is not part of a large-scale problem, for example damage due to component defects, damage due to malfunctioning hardware or even damage to the printer chip.

So the resetter application will help you from damage that is classified as common, such as the printer cannot be used to print, then for devices that are equipped with scan technology, this tool suddenly does not work temporarily.

We can do all that by resetting the Epson M105 printer.

If your printer has problems as a result of waste ink pad is full, main pad counter exceeds limit, paper jam, service required, cartridge clogged until the ink runs out, we can solve it with the help of a resetter.

Complete tutorial please follow the explanation of the steps below.

Easy Ways to Reset Epson M105

There are 2 ways to reset the Epson M105 printer. Where first, can use the Epson M105 resetter. And second, we can reset the printer manually via the Resume button.

For more information, please follow the steps below to reset the Epson M105.

Method 1: Epson M105 Resetter Application

  1. First of all, we prepare the application. Please get it by clicking download Resetter Epson M105.
  2. Find the resetter download file in the download folder.
  3. If it is already, right click file later Extract File.
  4. Turn on and connect the printer to the computer.
  5. Open the resetter folder that you extracted earlier.
  6. Double click the program named Adjprog.exe.Run AdjprogTap Accept . Button
  7. Click on the box Select.Tap The Select Button
  8. Change section Model Name be a draw M105. And tap OK.
  9. Next click Particular Adjustment Mode.Press Particular Adjustment Mode
  10. Choose Waste ink pad counter then OK.How To Reset Epson M105
  11. Tick Play pad counterand tap Check.Tick ​​Main Pad And Check
  12. Check again Play pad counterand click Initialize.Tick ​​Again And Initialize
  13. Push OK and done.
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Method 2: Manual

  1. Leave the printer in the off state for 5 minutes with the cable disconnected.
  2. If it is already Turn on printers.
  3. Make sure the printer is on and on standby, when you press the button Resume (Start/Stop) During 5 seconds. Then off.
  4. Press the button again Resume During 3 seconds. Then off.
  5. Last press button 1 second resume. And off.
  6. Wait until the printer gives to reset.
  7. If the printer has been reset, make sure the red light indicator is gone.

The final word

How, isn’t it easy to reset the Epson M105? Please follow the tutorial above to repair damage to the printer and also maintenance (treatment) to avoid problems like this. May be useful.

That’s the whole content of our article this time about How to Reset Epson M105

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