How to remove the signature background to make it transparent

Cara Menghilangkan Background Tanda Tangan Agar Menjadi Transparan

How to remove background signature to be transparent? These tips are often sought after by many people when they are making a formal letter or other official document.

Camscanner - Pdf Scanner App
Camscanner - Pdf Scanner App

  • Then open the application.
  • Use features Scan here.
  • Please click on the signature above the blank HVS.
  • Then change the effect filter to B&W. so that the contrast between the background and the text is clearly visible.
  • Finally, all you have to do is click the button Keep.
  • Set the format to JPG. After that, send the image file to the PC.

  • The final word

    Those are the steps and guides on how to get rid of background signature to be transparent.

    Please choose one of the methods above to produce a transparent effect on your scanned signature. May be useful.

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