How to Register Konami ID PES 2023

Cara Daftar Konami Id Pes

Forgetting the Konami ID password is a common thing, because this certainly happens often and is experienced by most of its users.

This problem can occur because users enter the wrong password from their Konami ID account.

However, if you experience the problem of forgetting your password, you don’t need to worry because there is a solution to this problem.

How to Reset Konami ID PES Password

How To Register Konami Id Pes
How to Reset Konami ID PES Password

If we talk about how to register Konami ID PES, it’s incomplete if we don’t discuss how to reset the Konami ID PES password.

Because forgetting the password is a problem that is often experienced by players from the PES Mobile game.

Resetting the Konami ID so that later you can change the password with a new one is the most effective way that can be applied to solve this problem.

This process is also often referred to as a password reissue because it is done to restore account access that cannot be opened using email.

Sometimes the Konami ID has been locked notification, which means your Konami ID is locked, is also often encountered by some players from the game.

But there are also other causes which are caused by logging in to several different devices at once so that this is suspected of being the activity of taking someone else’s account.

While the process of resetting the password in this one application is indeed very easy to do.

The way to reset the Konami ID PES password is as follows:
  • The first step, please log in to the Konami site via the following link (Visit the Konami Site).
  • Then click the “Forgot Your password” menu, after the site opens.
  • Then a Ressue Password menu will appear and you can enter the email that has been registered in the column provided, then click “Next”.
  • After that a notification to open the email will appear and click on the email to reset the password.
  • Then login to the email and in the email there is a link that can be used with a period of about 24 hours.
  • Then click on the link and after clicking you will go to a page to enter a new password.
  • Continue with the steps by clicking “Register” then a display to activate two-step verification will appear then press “Next Time” and you will enter the Login menu.
  • If so, then you can log in using the Konami ID password that you just created.
  • Finished.
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Safe Tips for Providing Passwords So that Konami ID PES Accounts are Safe from Hacker Attacks

How To Register Konami Id Pes
Safe Tips for Providing Passwords So that Konami ID PES Accounts are Safe from Hacker Attacks

After how to register for Konami ID PES, there is also other information that PES Mobile game players must know.

Other important information that we mean are some safe tips in providing passwords so that the Konami ID PES account is safe from attacks by hackers.

In this era of internet of things, passwords are an important and inseparable part of our lives as internet users, one of which is as a player of the PES Mobile game.

Not just a key to enter a game or social media account, but important data that is secured on internet media all rely on passwords.

Therefore, creating a strong password is very important to do in order to avoid unwanted things such as avoiding hacker attacks.

For safe tips on giving a password so that the Konami ID PES account is safe from hacker attacks, they are as follows:

1. Use a combination of letters, numbers and special characters

Instead of only using letters or numbers in your password, you should also try using a combination of letters, numbers and special characters such as @, %, ^, &, or *.

While these tips are very useful for protecting accounts from hackers who use “Dictionary Attacks” or use words in dictionaries to crack passwords.
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The question is, why should this combination be used? The answer is because ordinary letters only have 26 characters, while a standard keyboard has 95 letters and symbols that can be used to make more difficult combinations.

2. Combination of Upper and Lower Case

For those of you who have known computers for a long time, surely you are familiar with the terms upper case and lower case.

Upper case is an uppercase or capital letter character, while lower case is a combination of lowercase characters.

Almost the same as passwords that use special characters, it is more difficult for hackers to guess your account password if you use uppercase and lowercase letters in the password.

But the condition is that you don’t use this combination in a global word.

3. Longer and Stronger

To avoid hackers trying to hack your Konami ID PES account password or other important accounts, create a long password.

Because the longer the password used, the stronger your password.

If you want to be more secure, make a password of at least 8 characters with a special combination and it would be ideal if you are friendly with passwords that use 10 to 16 characters.

4. Don’t Use English Words

For those of us who live in Indonesia, we may have thought that close friends would not suspect if the password used was in English.

But it’s different with hackers, because most hackers assume that the passwords used by internet users are English words, so they use the “Dictionary Attack” method as their first attempt.

So, if you use a password like iloveyou, daretocare, or other words, then you can be sure that the password will be easier to guess.

Even if you want to use English words, it is recommended to add numbers and special characters.

5. Do not use name and date of birth

The use of names and dates of birth to create passwords is currently the most frequently used by internet users.

Even though this is highly not recommended, because hackers usually use information on social media for trial material to hack passwords.

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The combination used is usually a name and date of birth and hackers can easily find your date of birth on social media.

Therefore, use things that you like but are not too visible and are often shared on Facebook or Twitter.

6. Do not let the browser remember the password

Every website certainly provides a remember password option to make it easier for you to log in again.

However, this is very dangerous if someone is able to enter the browser you are using.

Apart from that, there are also other methods used by hackers to break into PES game player accounts, namely by utilizing the cache and cookies in the browser.

7. Different accounts, different passwords

According to research, reportedly 84% of internet users forget passwords very easily and this is what causes 21% of people to use the same password for different websites, game accounts, social media accounts.

Even though using the same password for different accounts, the account is even more at risk of being attacked by hackers.

The final word

This is the information we can convey about how to register Konami ID PES and other important information that can be learned and applied.

The tutorial or method above can be applied to all players, both new and old players from the game eFootball 2022 but is specifically for those who have not linked their account to a Konami ID account.

Meanwhile, PES Mobile 2021 users who have not linked their account to a Konami ID account must create a new eFootball account because they cannot transfer data.

In order for the PES Mobile account registration process to be successful, pay attention and do each step properly and correctly. Hopefully useful and good luck.

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