How to Register Indosat im3 Card

How To Register Indosat Im3 Card

In the previous, the cardboard registration course of was not like now the place we had to fill in information similar to title, and so on. as a situation for registering a card. Likewise, the place of registration should be on the outlet or counter that’s entitled to register the cardboard. Now the method is totally different and even simpler and might be executed independently.

For instance, Indosat has supplied a number of methods for Indosat card customers who need to register and activate their playing cards. Among them might be by way of SMS, by way of phone dial, and may also be on-line by way of the web site that has been supplied by Indosat.

Besides being straightforward, these strategies are pretty sensible and do not take lengthy to register. For extra particulars, let’s take a look at the next steps!

How to Register an Indosat im3 Card by way of SMS

  1. Prepare KK and NIK numbers as a situation for card registration,
  2. Open the Messages or SMS software on the cellphone,
  3. Create new SMS with format NIK#NomorKK#for instance 123567894997956#1323232321956#,
  4. Send the SMS utilizing the IM3 quantity you need to register to the vacation spot quantity, particularly 4444,
  5. Wait a couple of moments for a reply from 4444 informing you of the cardboard registration standing.
Sms For Im3 Card Registration

The format for writing the SMS should be right in addition to the writing for the KK and NIK numbers should even be right as a result of if one thing is written incorrectly then the registration course of will fail. If you expertise issues when sending SMS although the SMS writing is right then wait a couple of minutes then attempt sending the SMS once more, as a result of there may very well be an issue. Also learn: How to Register a Telkomsel Card.

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How to Re-Register Indosat Cards

  1. Prepare the KK and NIK numbers that can be made for re-registration,
  2. Open the SMS software on the cellphone,
  3. Create a brand new SMS by typing the SMS format ie ULANG#NIK#NOMORKK#for instance ULANG#987654321234565#1226465959565656#,
  4. Send the SMS to the vacation spot quantity 4444 utilizing the Indosat card you need to re-register with,
  5. Wait a couple of moments earlier than lengthy there can be a notification relating to the success or failure of our card registration course of.

Re-registration is often wanted when somebody desires to change the information on a card that has already been registered utilizing a brand new NIK and KK quantity.

For instance, when the cardboard consumer is married and has a brand new household card quantity, there may be nothing mistaken with re-registering the cardboard in order that sooner or later the cardboard standing is really legitimate.

How to Register Indosat Cards Online Through the Website

  1. Open a browser in your cellphone or laptop computer,
  2. Open the web site used to register the Indosat card on-line, particularly at Registration (
  3. Enter the Indosat quantity you need to register into the column supplied,
  4. Press the REGISTER button,
  5. Follow the directions till there may be an incoming SMS notifying you that the registration course of has been profitable.
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Online card registration is often used for brand spanking new or first Indosat card customers who need the registration course of to be sensible, which might be executed on a laptop computer or laptop.

Indeed, to register an Indosat card on-line requires web entry, it’s totally different if we register a card by way of SMS which might be executed offline or doesn’t require web.

How to Check Indosat Card Registration

  1. Open the SMS software on the cellphone,
  2. Type within the SMS format usually used to examine card registration, particularly Info#NomorIndosatfor instance Info#08561111111,
  3. Send the SMS to 4444 utilizing the Indosat quantity whose registration standing you need to examine,
  4. Wait till there’s a reply SMS whose contents inform you concerning the registration standing of the quantity.

Apart from utilizing the SMS format above to examine Indosat card registration, you may as well use one other SMS format, particularly simply typing Info while not having to enter a cellphone quantity.

Users may also examine whether or not the NIK has been used to register Indosat numbers on-line, particularly at, the one requirement is to enter the KK and NIK numbers that you really want to examine.


Indosat actually affords providers that make it simpler for customers to have the opportunity to register playing cards, be it new card registration or re-registration in varied methods. Whether it is card registration by way of SMS or on-line, moreover that customers may also examine the standing of their card registration simply and virtually.

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