How to Register and Download Link Elsimil – Electronic System Ready for Marriage BKKBN

How To Register And Download Link Elsimil – Electronic System Ready For Marriage Bkkbn

Are you planning to get married? Downloads Elsimil BKKBN Web App to prevent stunting is the app you should download. This is a breakthrough from the National Population and Family Planning Agency as the stunting prevention coordinator in Indonesia.

Stunting itself is a national problem, considering that Indonesia has recorded quite a high number of sufferers. Although now the numbers are starting to decrease, the hope is that with the Elsimil application, Indonesia will be free of stunting.

Understanding Elsimil BKKBN Web App to Prevent Stunting

Definition Of Elsimil Bkkbn
Definition Of Elsimil Bkkbn

Before downloading and using this application, it’s a good idea to understand its function first. The following is an explanation as well as a link for the download.

Basically, Elsimil is an application of government which aims to make it easier for the bride and groom to do screening against the risk of stunting. Electronic Applications ready to marry and get pregnant (Elsimil) this is mandatory for those of you who plan to get married.

This is not a condition for being married or not, but rather detection and assistance if a potential partner is at risk of having stunted offspring. The hope is that all couples in Indonesia are in good condition Healthy and ready to get pregnant without risk.

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Later, if the screening results show green, then the prospective partner is not at risk of having stunted offspring and is ready to have a healthy pregnancy. However, if the result is red, it means there is a risk of stunting.

If this were to happen, they would have to delay pregnancy and support first. The goal is to reduce the risk of stunting children.

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Definition of Stunting

Definition Of Stunting
Definition Of Stunting

Stunting is a condition when a child does not have normal growth. So, his body does not grow optimally, so it is smaller and shorter than children his age. This happens due to lack of nutrition and parental understanding.

Generally, stunting does have a correlation with poverty which has an impact on malnutrition for the fetus. However, this does not mean that people from established economies are free from this risk.

The reason is, a lack of understanding of nutrition will make a person not pay attention to their food intake during pregnancy. This results in the fetus experiencing nutritional deficiencies which increase the risk of stunting.

Elsimil BKKBN Features for New Families

Elsimil Bkkbn Features For New Families
Elsimil Bkkbn Features For New Families

As an application that is part of the government’s program to overcome stunting, Elsimil offers various supporting features. Among others are:

  • Education: This is a feature that contains explanations about stunting, assistance, contraception and premarital preparation.
  • Questionnaire: is a feature to screen the bride and groom. Various questions aim to detect the magnitude of the risk of stunting in their offspring and become the basis for assistance.
  • Questionnaire History: this feature stores historical data for completing questionnaires. So the bride and groom who do the screening can display their history here.
  • Officer Chat: this feature is available to help the bride and groom when there is a problem. For example, when a risk of stunting is detected in their offspring.
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The hope is that when all prospective brides are screened through this application, government can detect existing risks. Thus it will be easy to carry out counseling and assistance to the right partner.

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Method Downloads Elsimil BKKBN Web App to Prevent Stunting

How To Download Elsimil Bkkbn Web App
How To Download Elsimil Bkkbn Web App

To get it, you can download this application at Google Play Store. All you have to do is type Elsimil BKKBN in the search field. For convenience, you can also directly click link below this.

No Description
1 Application Name ELSIMIL
2 Requires Android
5.0 and up
3 Version 2.0.0
4 File Size 47.5MB
5 Developers BKKBN ELSIMIL
6 Official download links Downloads
7 Link Download APK Downloads

The specifications for the application, which was released on March 29, 2021, have a download size of 48.36 MB. Pretty light, right? Meanwhile, compatible device specifications are Android with OS 5.0 and above.

The application has been updated on January 29, 2023. So, what is available now has experienced system improvements and updated features.

The final word

Downloads Elsimil BKKBN web app to prevent stunting is a mandatory application for the bride and groom. Let’s contribute to the success of government programs in eradicating this chronic nutritional problem for a better Indonesia Healthy.

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