How to Register an Online Motorcycle Indriver, Following the Requirements

How To Register An Online Motorcycle Indriver, Following The Requirements

In this day and age, there are more and more service providers online transportation. Because indeed with the increasing needs of the community for online transportation which is considered easier and more practical.

Examples of some that we must have known like gojek, Grab, Maxim and many more. So, recently a new online transportation service provider named Indriver has appeared.

With the presence of these transportation services, it certainly opens up many new job vacancies. For those of you who are unemployed and need a locker, get it right away list of Motor Indrivers Online.

Requirements for Registering Motor Indrivers Online

Requirements For Registering Motor Indrivers Online
Requirements For Registering Motor Indrivers Online

Before deciding to register with Indriver, you must prepare the following important requirements. So that your chances of being accepted are bigger.

  • Photo of the vehicle to be used with a clearly visible license plate.
  • Photo of STNK and also a clear tax letter.
  • Photo SIM or driving license.
  • Selfie Photo neatly dressed.
  • Photo SKCK or Police Certificate that is still valid.
  • Selfie photo while holding SIM.

How to Register Motor Drivers Online

How To Register Motor Drivers Online
How To Register Motor Drivers Online

If you have prepared all the requirements needed, then we can immediately register for Indrivers so that we are not late and miss opportunities. How to?

  • First you download and install the Indriver Motor application.
  • After that, open the app and tap on the three line option at the top right corner.
  • Then you click options Switch to Driver.
  • Select an option Online registration available there.
  • Next, select an available city or Courier.
  • To become a driver, you tap the option Motorcycle or Bikes.
  • Please fill in the required data and requirements.
  • If all data is filled in correctly, click Done.
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Then your registration will be sent and processed immediately. We only need to wait for the verification process and later information will be given if the registration is accepted.

Benefits of Motor Indriver List

Benefits Of Motor Indriver List
Benefits Of Motor Indriver List

With the increasing public demand for online transportation services, there are also more job opportunities for the wider community.

Especially with the presence of new online transportation service providers such as driver certainly have a good impact on society, among others.

1. Flexible Time

Working as an online transportation driver does have the advantage of working time flexibility. Where we are free to determine when we want to work and when to rest without definite hours.

2. Additional Income

Nowadays, being an online transportation driver is a side job, it can even be a main job that is quite productive if we are diligent.

3. Add Experience

For those of you who might be fresh graduates and don’t have work experience, instead of being unemployed, you can register at Indriver. Besides can make money can also provide valuable experience.


Registering with Indriver can be a great job opportunity and it would be a shame if you miss it. Transportation service provider on line this one really needs a lot drivers.

So for those of you who might be unemployed and looking lockerthen you can immediately prepare the requirements needed and can immediately register according to the tutorial above.

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