How to record voice into writing in word

Cara Merekam Suara Menjadi Tulisan Di Word

How to record voice into writing in Word is a technique that is increasingly popular in the world of work and education.

Many people want to record conversations or presentations made in order to make it easier to recall the information conveyed.

Recording voice also allows us to express ideas more freely and naturally than by typing directly in word.

However, if we have to type all the material or papers ourselves, it will take quite a long time.

Therefore, converting voice into text in Word is a very effective option. In this article, we’ll cover a complete guide on how to record voice into text in Word.

Preparation Tools To Convert Voice Into Text

Before recording sound, make sure you have the necessary hardware and software. So that you can do it easily without a hitch.

1. You need a microphone to record voice clearly. A quality microphone will produce clearer and easier to understand sound.

2. You need voice recording software or applications such as Audacity or QuickTime Player. If you use a laptop or PC with Windows, then you can use the default Windows Recorder application.

3. Make sure you have Microsoft Word latest features Speech-to-Text.

How to Easily Record Voice Into Writing in Word

In this article, we’ll cover a complete guide on how to record voice into text in Word.

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By using this technique, we can increase productivity and save time in typing voice recordings.

Make sure to prepare the necessary hardware and software as we said before.

By using technology Speech-to-Text increasingly advanced, we can more easily convert voice into writing in Word and improve our work efficiency.

Immediately, we will do how to convert voice into text in Word, see the full details below.

1. Record voice using a voice recorder application.

How To Convert Voice To Text
How to convert voice to text

You can use the default voice recorder application on a laptop or PC, or download a free voice recorder application from the internet.

Make sure you are in a quiet room and there are no outside distractions. Start voice recording and speak clearly and regularly.

Don’t forget to adjust the volume so it’s not too loud or too weak. If you want to record presentations or lectures, be sure to record all sessions so that no information is missed.

2. Convert Voice to Writing

  • Make sure you’re signed in to Microsoft 365 via the latest Microsoft Edge or Chrome.
  • After that, go to Home and click on the Dictate dropdown.
  • Next, select Transcribe and select the Upload audio option.
  • Select the audio file you want to transcribe via the file selector.
  • Please upload the sound that you recorded before.
  • The file formats supported by this transcription feature are .wav, .mp4, .m4a, and .mp3.
How To Convert Voice Recording To Text

The transcription process may take a few moments depending on your internet speed, so leave the Transcribe panel open while this is taking place.

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You can also do other work or switch to another browser tab or application while waiting for the transcription process to complete.

3. Edit and Revision

How To Convert Voice Recording To Text On Laptop

After the conversion is complete, be sure to edit and revise the text of the converted voice to Word. Don’t just rely on Speech-to-Text technology, because even though this technology is getting more sophisticated, there is still the possibility of errors.

You need to read and edit your writing manually to ensure the accuracy and consistency of your writing.

Check for spelling errors, punctuation, and out-of-context phrases. Don’t forget to save the document and set the format to make it easier to read and understand.


Recording voice into text in Word is a very effective and efficient technique for saving time and increasing productivity.

By using features Speech-to-Text in Word, we can save time and effort in typing the sound recordings.

However, be sure to make edits and revisions so that the sound conversion results into writing are more accurate and consistent.

The Speech-to-Text feature is getting more sophisticated and easier to use, so this technique is getting more and more popular and widely used.

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