How to react to WhatsApp messages on Android

Cómo Reaccionar A Los Mensajes De Whatsapp En Android

UnliHowHow to react to WhatsApp messages on Android

The recent and long-awaited arrival of WhatsApp reactions has been all the rage among all users. Today we’ll see how can we react to whatsapp messagesbut from a device Android. Finally, you will be able to mark your messages with emojis.

Reactions to messages are nothing new, since they were already present in other applications, such as Telegram. now at last we can use them on WhatsApp and it is that reactions are one of the fastest ways to respond to messages. Well, many times a picture is worth a thousand words and in this case an emoji.

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Next, we will show you how you can react to whatsapp messages to respond much faster to your contacts. In just a few simple steps you can do it from your Android mobile:

  1. Open WhatsApp and access the chat in which you want to react to messages.
  2. Now choose the message you want to react to, to do this long press on that message.

Image - How To React To Whatsapp Messages On Android

  1. A bar will appear with several emojis, these are the reactions available for you to choose from. Simply, click on the one you want and the reaction will appear under the message.
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Image - How To React To Whatsapp Messages On Android

  1. If you click on the reaction you can see all the reactions and who belongs to each of them. In this section you can delete your own reactions, and you can also see the reactions by type of emoji or all at once.

Image - How To React To Whatsapp Messages On Android

The reactions are really helpfulespecially in groups, because you can do a survey or decide where you and your group want to go without having to write messages, just with a WhatsApp reaction.

Now already you know the way you can react to messages from any Android mobileremember that in order to react to them you will have to select the message and you can only react to one message at a time.

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