How to Re-Scan Set Top Box 2023

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How To Re-Scan Set Top Box
For those of you who are looking for how how to re-scan the set top boxtake it easy because in this article we have provided the discussion for you.

How to re-scan digital TV can be done easily, there are several steps that make it easier for users to find new channels on digital TV.

Digital TV is one of the government’s campaigns as an effort to move analog-based channels to clearer digital.

Digital TV signals are used to capture digital information that is transmitted by satellite which then appears on television.

The digital TV transfer program is currently being intensively promoted to change the use of analog TV.

Of course, this digital TV is claimed to have better quality in terms of sound and picture.

It was noted that on November 2, 2022, all use of Analog TV channels in Jabodetabek has been stopped! Then notifications for Analog TV channels will be followed in several other areas.

Analog TV users who are migrating to digital TV must know several ways to either set or rescan this device.

The device needed in Digital TV installation is a set top box or STB as a signal receiver.

This means that TV users need to obtain a Digital TV set top box first if they have a Tube TV or an older generation.

For those of you who are already curious how how to re-scan the set top boxit’s good if you know in advance how to easily attach a set top box to a TV.

How to Connect Set Top Box to TV

How To Re-Scan Set Top Box
How to Connect Set Top Box to TV

Without further ado, just take a look at the steps on how to easily install or install a Digital TV Set Top Box! The details are as follows:

  • First, attach the Set Top Box device to the TV that you have.
  • Next, connect the UHF antenna cable from the Booster to the Set Top Box.
  • Then, open the channel menu via HDMI with the help of the remote.
  • Open the yop box set settings via the STB remote.
  • Then, enter the menu “Satellite > terrestrial”.
  • At this point, the user can set Name to Postcode and click “OK”.
  • Wait for the automatic search to scan for Digital TV broadcasts.
  • Good luck.
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How to Re-Scan Set Top Box

1. How to Re-Scan Digital TV Set Top Box

How To Re-Scan Set Top Box
How to Re-Scan Digital TV Set Top Box

If the user wants to re-scan Digital TV, please follow the steps on how to re-scan Set Top Box below! The details are as follows:

  • First, open the settings menu on the STB via Remote.
  • Next, go to the “Channels” menu and select the “Scan Channels” menu.
  • Then, click “Auto Search” and enter the zip code according to where you live.
  • Then, enter the tuner mode to the antenna and digital channel type.
  • Please click “Search” and the search will stop when the completion notification appears.

With the tutorial on how to re-scan digital TV from the Set Top Box above, you can follow it easily and practically.

2. How to Re-Scan the Luby Set Top Box

How To Re-Scan Set Top Box
How to Re-Scan Luby Set Top Box

To re-scan the Luby Set Top Box is actually very easy, as long as the STB is installed correctly so that the search for digital television channels is successful.

It is undeniable that Luby is one of the Set Top Box devices of choice for some people.

This is because this device is specifically designed with the ability to capture signals properly.

The image quality obtained is also sharper, as are the many interesting features embedded in this Luby STB.

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It’s just that some users complain that the STB that has been installed cannot display TV broadcasts.

If this happens, the best option is to re-scan! Then how to do it?

As we mentioned above, rescanning the Luby STB is quite easy, you only need to search for channels automatically via the features provided in it.

The steps for how to re-scan the Luby set top box for all brands that can be used as a guide are as follows:

  • First, make sure that the installation of the STB is correct.
  • After that, turn on the TV and STB (if the installation is correct, the screen will show an image or initial settings).
  • Please take the STB remote and click Menu.
  • Then, select the “Search/Search” menu and press OK.
  • Select the Auto Search menu, click OK to delete and search for new channels.
  • Wait a few minutes for the channel scanning process to complete.
  • When it’s finished, the STB will save the channel and the broadcast will appear as it should.

3. How to Re-Scan Set Top Box Manually

How To Re-Scan Set Top Box
How to Re-Scan Set Top Box Manually

It should be noted that rescanning the set top box can be done in two ways, namely automatically and manually.

Automatic scan is a method of searching for all broadcast channel programs that have been captured by a digital signal to be displayed in the save on the Set Top Box.

As for the manual one, it searches for broadcast channel programs that have captured digital signals individually or one by one.

Scanning the Set Top Box will automatically scan all broadcast channels that have been captured by Digital TV.

If digital TV broadcasts are connected, but there are still few channel broadcasts, then do programming by means of automatic or manual scanning of your STB settings at home.

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By doing this, the STB will automatically scan all channel broadcasts that have been captured by digital television broadcasts.

What If the Broadcast Doesn’t Appear?

How To Re-Scan Set Top Box
What If the Broadcast Doesn’t Appear?

After knowing how to install and how to re-scan a digital TV set top box, then it is necessary to pay attention to several important points when STB users re-scan.

1. Ensure Proper STB Installation

If it’s connected to a Tabing TV, use RCA cables! Conversely, if it’s a Led TV, use HDMI because it already supports it.

2. Ensure the Right Antenna Position

Sometimes, the wrong antenna position also affects the television signal! That’s because when scanning doesn’t work, try moving the direction of the antenna.

After that, please repeat the channel search process above.

3. Pay Attention to Image Resolution

If using a tube TV that only supports RCA cables, the resolution should be 576p.

Meanwhile, if you use an HDMI cable, you can set the resolution to 1090p, because this cable already supports this setting.

Usually, the main problem of no picture is related to this resolution, so try to change it according to the cable used.

The final word

That’s the whole discussion about some how to re-scan the set top box what we can share and you need to know.

In fact, every Digital TV STB is equipped with an automatic and manual broadcast channel scanner feature that functions to be connected and captured by Digital TV broadcasts.

For those of you who don’t know how to re-scan your STB, either manually or otherwise, see the tutorial in the review above.

If this information is useful, you can share it with friends or relatives who may not know about it. That’s all and hopefully useful.

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