How to Print Excel so that it is Full on F4 Paper

How To Print Excel So That It Is Full On F4 Paper

It’s not full if we will course of information in excel corresponding to utilizing formulation, making diagrams, and so on however cannot print excel paperwork so that they’re full on paper. Indeed, the job of printing paperwork in excel is comparatively simple if the info content material on the worksheet is not a lot or it is nonetheless coated in paper.

The downside is what if the info on the worksheet exceeds the restrict of the paper we use? Let’s say we use F4 paper after which need to print a worksheet that accommodates a big information desk, for certain when printed the desk can be minimize into a number of elements.

To overcome this we will take a number of steps so that our printouts are usually not truncated. Therefore, let’s instantly talk about the steps!

How to Print in Microsoft Excel so that it is Full on F4 Paper

  1. Open the excel information file that you need to print so that the total paper makes use of F4 paper,
  2. Block the whole information desk within the worksheet,
  3. Click the menu tab Page Layouts,
  4. Click PrintArea within the group part Page Setup,
  5. Choose Set Print Area,
  6. Click icon Page Break Preview which is within the decrease proper nook of excel, to be exact subsequent to the zoom slider, after that we’ll see an identification of the variety of pages and a blue dotted line as a delimiter for the half that is minimize off when printed,
  7. Click the downward-pointing arrow within the top-left nook of the excel window to entry the menu Customize the Quick Access Toolbar,
  8. Choose Print Preview and Print to add menus Print Previews subsequent to the arrow,
  9. Click the menu icon Print Previews that has been added to see an outline/simulation of pages earlier than printing,
  10. Change the paper dimension by coming into the menu Page Layouts,
  11. Choose More Paper Sizes…,
  12. Click button Options… within the Page menu tab part of the window Page Setupthen the printer settings window will seem,
  13. Choose User outlined on the column Document sizes,
  14. Change the identify and enter the paper dimension as you would like, on this case F4 paper,
  15. Enter F4 paper dimension generally, particularly Paper widths as large 215mmand Papers Heights as large 330mm,
  16. Click button Save which is within the left nook of the window,
  17. Press the button OK,
  18. Press the button OK once more on the window Page Setup,
  19. Check once more if there is a blue line indicating that the web page is nonetheless truncated by accessing the menu Print previews,
  20. Hover the mouse cursor simply above the blue line till the mouse cursor modifications to an arrow,
  21. Drag or drag the blue line to the surface of the worksheet, exactly on the restrict of the worksheet on the very finish, till the blue line is not seen,
  22. Check the print preview menu once more to ensure whether or not the web page is stuffed with paper,
  23. Click icon Show margins which is within the decrease proper nook of the preview show to show web page margins and marks,
  24. Click on Page Setup which is beneath Custom Scalling,
  25. Enter the menu tab Margins,
  26. Check on the part Horizontally,
  27. Click button OK,
  28. Click button Print if the web page is stuffed with paper or is in accordance with the specified settings.
Paper Size Menu In Excel

If potential, change the place of the web page as you would like by choosing the kind of web page orientation, particularly Landscapes or Portraits.

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Activating the verify mark Horizontally within the Page Setup window goals to place the info desk within the middle. If you do not need the desk place to be within the center, then you do not want to verify it.

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Before printing, ensure the printer is lively and related to a laptop computer or pc, and the printer driver is put in appropriately so that the doc printing course of can run easily.


How to print an excel doc so that it turns into full paper utilizing the F4 paper sort is really very simple with out worrying concerning the information desk being minimize off. All we’ve got to do is decide which worksheet space we would like to print, and decide the paper dimension, and modify the margins, so we will print excel paperwork on full paper.

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