How to Overcome Tokopedia Live Tracking Cannot

How To Overcome Tokopedia Live Tracking Cannot

Knowing the position of the package containing the goods from transaction on line it is important, so as not to lose. Therefore, Tokopedia Live Tracking can’t cause and how to solve it is the information you need to know.

After making a sale and purchase transaction on line, the next stage is to wait for the goods to arrive in the hands of the buyer. Not infrequently, there are delivery problems so that they arrive late or even get lost.

How to Overcome Tokopedia Live Tracking Cannot

How To Overcome Tokopedia Live Tracking Cannot
How To Overcome Tokopedia Live Tracking Cannot

The internet has brought many conveniences to life, including when to go buy goods on line. Many marketplace applications with various features provide this service, including Tokopedia.

As for one feature that is quite helpful is Live Tracking. The following is an explanation of the meaning, constraints, and solutions.

Get to know Live Tracking

Get To Know Live Tracking
Get To Know Live Tracking

Until now, Tokopedia is one of marketplace with many users in Indonesia. This green based application brings together seller and buyers of various products on an ongoing basis on line.

To make it easier for both parties, Tokopedia provides a Live Tracking feature. This is a service that will provide information regarding the position of the package accurately based on the location point.

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Through this feature, buyers can track the package How far are you now. Thus, you can also find out the estimate of when the item will arrive at the destination address.

This service is indeed very helpful. However, it’s not uncommon for problems to occur, so you can’t when tracking packages. Of course this brings confusion. So, what causes it and what is the solution?

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Causes and Solutions for Tokopedia Live Tracking Cannot

Tokopedia Live Tracking Solution Can'T
Tokopedia Live Tracking Solution Can’T

Are you waiting for a package that doesn’t come? If you buy it through marketplace Tokopedia, then just use the Live Tracking feature. There will be updates point where the item is located.

However, there are several reasons why you cannot use this feature. Among others are:

1. Piles of Garbage on Cellphones

When doing browsingwill appear cache. If you rarely remove it, buildup will occur. Unfortunately, this piled up browser memory will hinder cellphone performance.

As a result, some applications cannot run optimally. For example, some features experience operational problems. One of them is the Tokopedia Live Tracking service.

The solution for the feature to work optimally again, you have to delete and clear cache regularly so as not to accumulate. By doing so, the cellphone memory will be more spacious and the device will operate more optimally.

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How to clean cache is to access the settings menu. Next, select the Tokopedia application, and click on the button Clear Cache.

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2. Interruption of Internet Connection

The second obstacle that may occur is interference with the internet connection. Because the Live Tracking feature is based on real time tracking, of course it really depends on the smoothness of the signal.

If there is a connection interruption, you will not be able to get the current position information of the package. The tracking also failed.

The solution to this problem is to make sure the internet connection of the device you are using is in good condition. If necessary, replace with provider whose signal is strong, or switch to wifi.

3. Slow Courier Updates

It could be, courier the one carrying your package is slow to perform updatesso that system can’t track it. if this happens, Tokopedia Live Tracking can’t cause and how to solve it is to wait until the introduction updates its location.

4. Currently Available Maintenance

Generally, developers do maintenance periodically. If this is an obstacle so you can’t use the Live Tracking feature, then you have to wait until the process is complete.

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The final word

Tokopedia Live Tracking can’t cause and how to solve it is important information for buyers who transact through marketplace This. However, this problem will not affect the process of sending your ordered goods.

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