How to Overcome the Floating Keyboard on HP Easily and Quickly

Rifqiy Hamid

This time I will discuss how to deal with the floating keyboard on your cellphone.

Often times the keyboard incident is accidentally tampered with by other people or pressed by yourself and causes the keyboard to float.

This floating keyboard will of course greatly interfere with our chat or typing activities on cellphones and block content or the main screen.

Actually, this floating keyboard is a feature that is specially provided, but in reality, many people accidentally activate it and cannot turn it off.

Now to fix this, all we have to do is turn off the floating feature in the keyboard application.

Here’s how to easily deal with a floating keyboard on a cellphone.

How to Overcome the Flying Keyboard on HP Easily

If you are bothered by the appearance of the floating keyboard, you can disable it in the keyboard settings.

For more details, here are the steps on how to deal with the floating keyboard on your cellphone.

  1. Open an application that can bring up your keyboard keys, for example the WA chat application.
  2. Next select an image horizontal 3 dot menu in the top right corner.
    Select The 3 Dot Keyboard Menu
  3. Next select the named menu Disable Floating.
    Disable Floating Or Hovering Keyboard Features
  4. And now the keyboard is no longer hovering over the screen anymore.
  5. Finished.
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So, I think that’s how to fix a floating keyboard that covers your cellphone screen easily and quickly.

In essence, we must or must turn off the floating feature in the keyboard settings. Or you can press and hold the floating keyboard and then slide it to the bottom of your cellphone screen, it will automatically return to the initial keyboard settings.
Overcoming The Floating Keyboard On Mobile

Good luck and good luck overcoming the floating keyboard.

Thank You.

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