How to Overcome “Sorry There Is No Shopee Payment Method”

How To Overcome “Sorry There Is No Shopee Payment Method”

Shopee is indeed one of them marketplace which makes it easier for us to shop online. Where we can easily find various kinds of needs without having to leave the house.

But sometimes when you want to shop online, there are several problems that often occur. Among them, the appearance of a notification ‘Sorry, No Payment Methods Available‘ at Shopee, why is that?

This kind of problem does occur occasionally and has been reported by several users. Of course this would be annoying online shopping activity because we can’t make payment.

Causes No Shopee Payment Method

Causes No Shopee Payment Method
Causes No Shopee Payment Method

First of all, we have to find out what causes the notification to appear errors on Shopee the.

1. Problem Account

Usually when a notification ‘No Payment Method Available’ appears, it can be caused by a problem with the Shopee account that you are using.

Maybe because of the payment method credit card which are invalid or expired and also some other problems that you should check.

2. Problem Payment System

Another factor that can also be the cause of this problem is due to a technical error on system Shopee itself.

So that an error occurs in the payment system and makes users unable to complete the transaction they are doing.

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3. Payment Method Not Available

Next, it can also be caused by a payment method that is currently not available. Either it’s due to system interference or maybe the store doesn’t provide the payment method you want to use.

Solution No Shopee Payment Method

Solution No Shopee Payment Method
Solution No Shopee Payment Method

Well now let’s find a solution to overcome this problem. Because of course if it’s not resolved immediately it will make it difficult for us to shop online at Shopee.

1. Check Payment Information

First, you have to check the payment information used on Shopee account. Starting from credit card numbers, accounts or numbers e-wallet. Make sure all information has been entered correctly.

2. Use Another Method

If the payment method you want to use is not available, then try another method. Maybe the store doesn’t provide it or there is a problem with it payment system.

3. Contact Customer Service

If you are having trouble finding a solution to this problem, then you should get in touch Shopee Customer Service. Later they will help you to find the causes and ways to overcome them.


Notification appears ‘Sorry, no payment methods are available‘ at Shopee can indeed interfere with our online shopping activities.

So, you must immediately find out what causes it and how to overcome it. So that later you can shop online as usual again.

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Hopefully the information above can be helpful and also useful, look forward to updating other interesting articles that will be present every day.

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