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How to Measure Height Using Hikaku Sitatter

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How to Measure Height Using Hikaku Sitatter

UnliHow How to measure height viral on TikTok is a trending topic measuring height on the site. To then compare it with other people’s height online.

Hikaku Height Comparison Chart which introduces this unique way. Now readers no longer need to be busy guessing without a point of clarity, just by visiting the site’s pages.

How to Measure Height Using Hikaku Sitatter

The digital age is increasingly bringing convenience in all aspects of life. Including many things that were not thought of before. One example is measuring height online.

Why is this important to go viral? Because millennials are not far from the digital world and idols, software like this is very important. This software makes it easy for users to compare their height with the idol if one day they meet and stand side by side.

Not only that, users can compare their height when side by side with someone they have never met before. This software viral content on TikTok, with the help of the site, so readers don’t have to do manual calculations or guess by drawing their own.

Website hikaku-sitatter or Hikaku Height Comparison Chart is said to be the owner of the software. Readers only need to enter the heights of the people they want to compare to on the web page. Here are the steps on how to measure viral height on TikTok using this site:

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1. Visit the Site

Visiting the site is the first step in how to measure your height comparison online. Readers can type ‘Hikaku Height Comparison Chart’ in the Google search field, then click the magnifying glass icon.

For Indonesian, you can use any version, then activate the translation feature in the Google Chrome application.

2. Fill in the data

Filling in the data is the next step. Scroll down the screen, fill in the data in the fields provided. Click the box that says Male for male or Female for female, according to gender.

3. Comparison of Two People

Two-person comparison is the next step if the reader only wants to compare two people. Enter instant data on the left of the custom data column.

At the point of the name, it can be filled in by default, as well as the color column (to distinguish characters, so that the differences can be seen clearly). As for the high points, fill them in properly.

4. Menu Add A Person

The Add A Person menu is a button that needs to be clicked to enter the second person’s data, then repeat the steps above. After that, repeat the steps earlier with third-person data if the reader wants to compare more than 2 people. When finished, click Submit.

5. Comparison Results

The comparison result is the final result that will be displayed in a chart on the site page. Thus the reader can estimate the ratio of the height of the second or third person. The first person whose data is entered into the site, will always be in the middle of the comparison chart.

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To download, long press the chart, then click Download. You can also screenshot the chart to make it faster.

Furthermore, the downloaded file or screenshot of the chart can then be used as content on social media (TikTok, Instagram – Reels, and Snack Video). Don’t forget to tag the accounts of the people you’re comparing in the chart.

The final word

The viral height measurement method on TikTok is a prediction to find out your height, so the accuracy is still lacking. However, the results from the Hikaku Height Comparison Chart site have achieved their main function. Therefore, make this software as entertainment only.

That’s the whole content of our article this time about How to Measure Height Using Hikaku Sitatter

Marshall Gunnell Marshall Gunnell is a digital content writer at UnliHow. He keeps on pursuing opportunities to engage with more people through articles IT-related issues.

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