How to Make WhatsApp Stickers on Android and iPhone

Cara Membuat Stiker Whatsapp

UnliHowHow to Make WhatsApp Stickers on Android and iPhone

Creating stickers on WhatsApp is easy, you can use funny pictures, photos of yourself or others, and any graphic file with JPG, JPEG, and PNG formats. On this occasion, technocentric will give a tutorial.

Using stickers on WhatsApp is fun, we can express various expressions without having to be confused about stringing words together. In fact, sometimes a sticker can express something more precisely, exactly the way we want it.

When chatting, you must have often gotten funny and strange stickers from friends, especially in a group that is always busy every day, sometimes they don’t type sentences but instead reply to stickers. Well, don’t want to lose, we can make it too.

Follow these steps to create WhatsApp stickers:

1. Install the sticker maker app

To make stickers we need the help of an application, one of the best applications is StickerMaker. The app is free and works on both Android and iOS on iPhone and iPad. I have used this application and the results are very satisfying. I recommend you to install it.

Download StickerMaker Android

Download StickerMaker iPhone

2. Provide a photo or image that you want to use as a sticker

Next you look for materials to make the desired sticker. You can use your own photos or other people’s photos, funny pictures, quotes, words or others provided the file format is JPG, JPEG, or PNG. Collect all photo and image files in one folder so that it is easier to select them later.

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3. Open the StickerMaker application

In the application you will see the main page display which will later contain a list of stickers that have been made. The appearance of this application is the same both on the iPhone and on the Android phone, you will have no trouble because it looks simple and easy to understand. Follow the next steps to start creating our own stickers.

4. Press the button Create a new stickerpack

To create a new sticker, press the Create a new stickerpack button at the bottom.

Make A New Stickerpack

5. Name the sticker and the maker

In the stickerpack name column, name the sticker as you wish, it’s free for example funny sticker 1. Then fill in the Stickerpack author name with your name. After that click the Create button.

Name The Sticker

6. Tap on the newly created stickerpack

Next, you will see the name of the stickerpack that was created appears in the list. Tap once to add a sticker.

Create New Whatsapp Sticker

7. Select the sticker icon

Tap on the tray icon column then select a photo or image from the gallery. The tray icon will later become the stickerpack logo in the WhatsApp application.

Make Whatsapp Sticker Icon

8. Add a photo or image that you want to use as a sticker logo

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After a popup appears where we want to take a picture, select Open gallery to use an image or photo in the gallery, then choose what you want.

Choose A Logo From The Cellphone Gallery

9. Cut the desired part of the image

Cut the image using Cut square, select the area you want to make the logo. After you finish making the selection, the image will automatically go straight into a logo / icon.

Make Whatsapp Stickers On Cellphone

10. Add a photo or image that you want to use as a sticker from the cellphone gallery

After finishing making the icon, then we can start making stickers. Tap on the first sticker column > then select Open gallery.

Choose your own image or photo that you want to use as a sticker. We can choose any photos both in internal and external memory as long as the files have JPG, JPEG, and PNG formats.

11. Select the photo area you want to use as a sticker

Then use Cut square to cut out the part of the photo that you want to turn into a sticker. Can also use Cut circle to cut in a circle style.

12. Use Freehand cut to remove photo background

To remove the background you can use Freehand, after that the selection follows the part you want to take slowly, then the background on the photo will automatically disappear.

How To Remove Whatsapp Sticker Photo Background

13. Add text or text and outline to make the sticker more attractive

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Press on the Add Text button to add text to the sticker that we created. You can enter funny words, greetings, quotes, or whatever you want.

Add Text On Whatsapp Sticker

14. Press the Save Sticker button when finished

After everything is done, press the Save Sticker button to save the sticker that has been made.

Save The Whatsapp Sticker That Has Been Made

15. Continue adding stickers by repeating the steps above

Repeat the steps above to make other stickers, this application can accommodate up to 30 stickers in one stickerpack.

16. Tap on Add Changes to WhatsApp when done

The final step is to enter the stickerpack into the WhatsApp application, by pressing the Add Changes to WhatsApp button.

How To Save Stickers To Whatsapp

After that open WhatsApp and press on the emoji button > sticker, there will appear the sticker that we have made and ready to use.

How easy isn’t it? That’s how to make WhatsApp stickers using your own pictures and photos, you just need to use a little creativity to produce funny, unique, and cool stickers. Good luck!

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