How to Make Sequential Numbers in Excel

How To Make Sequential Numbers In Excel

Some of us could already find out about how to make serial numbers in excel. Generally, there may be a technique that’s usually utilized by Excel customers, specifically by dragging or dragging the mouse down to make serial numbers in a column.

This methodology is certainly fairly straightforward and quick, however what if the serial quantity you need is in the lots of and even hundreds? Maybe we may have hassle when dragging the mouse down. Therefore, Excel gives 4 different ways in which we will apply to make serial numbers. Among them are by using formulation, by way of the fill menu, by way of sequences, and in addition utilizing rows.

Each manner definitely has benefits and drawbacks of every. To make it clearer, let’s focus on ranging from the best!

By Dragging Using the Mouse

  1. Prepare the info you need to quantity sequentially in Excel,
  2. Type the #1 in the specified cell,
  3. Type the quantity 2 proper under the cell number one,
  4. Block the 2 cells, each number one and quantity 2,
  5. Point the mouse to the decrease proper nook of the cell containing the quantity 2 till a plus signal seems,
  6. Click and maintain the mouse,
  7. Drag down to what number of traces we wish,
  8. Release the mouse then the serial quantity will seem instantly.
Auto Number In Excel

This step is the best to apply and is appropriate for making sequential numbers that aren’t too lengthy, for instance 1-15 or 1-50 traces.

It can be utilized to make lengthy serial numbers however we will certainly have slightly hassle once we drag the mouse down.

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By Using Formulas

  1. Open MS Excel utility,
  2. Prepare knowledge to be numbered
  3. Type the #1 in the specified cell, for instance in cell B2,
  4. Type the method in the cell under it, specifically cell B3 with the method =B2+1,
  5. Press enter on the keyboard, then the quantity 2 will seem in the cell,
  6. Point the mouse on the decrease proper nook of the cell till an arrow seems,
  7. Click and maintain the mouse,
  8. Drag the mouse down to the specified line,
  9. Release the mouse to show the sequence quantity.

With this method, it signifies that we add the #1 in every cell, so the decrease the quantity in the cell, the larger it’s as a result of it will increase by 1 quantity. Use this methodology if you would like to make serial numbers with a sure distance/distinction. For instance from number one to 3 by including quantity 2 so the result’s number one,3,5,7, and so forth.

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By Utilizing the Fill Menu

  1. Open MS Excel utility,
  2. Prepare the info to be numbered sequentially.
  3. Type the #1 in the specified cell,
  4. Go to the MS excel Home menu tab,
  5. Click the Fill menu in the Editing group,
  6. Select Series.., then the collection window will open,
  7. Select Columns in the Series in part to make serial numbers for columns,
  8. Select Linear in the Type part to make serial numbers with the identical sample or do not change,
  9. Enter the specified quantity sequence in the Step worth part, for instance number one,
  10. Enter the final serial quantity in the Stop worth part, for instance quantity 25,
  11. Press the OK button, then the serial quantity will mechanically seem, specifically the numbers 1 to 25.
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Through the Fill menu, customers can create serial numbers massively or with a lot of traces, for instance from 1 to 1000.

Apart from that, this methodology may also be used to make sequential numbers with a sure distinction, for instance, the distinction of 5 digits between serial number one and the subsequent quantity in order that it turns into 1, 6,11,16, and so forth.

By Using Sequences

  1. Open the excel utility on the pc,
  2. Select the cells you need to make serial numbers,
  3. Type the method =sequence(Number of Rows), for instance to make serial numbers 1 to 1000 then kind =sequence(1000),
  4. Press the enter key on the keyboard to see the outcomes.

In addition, sequence may also be used to create serial numbers with sure standards, such because the method =sequence(Number of Rows, Number of Columns, Prefix Number, Multiples). An instance of making use of this method is if you need to make a serial quantity totaling 1000 rows in 1 column with an preliminary serial variety of 10 and a a number of of 20, then the method is =sequence(1000,1,10,20),

The sequence methodology is at present solely out there in MS Office 365, for older variations of Office comparable to MS Office 2019 or Office 2021 it’s nonetheless not out there.

If the sequence method is entered in an outdated model of Office, the consequence will definitely be an error, due to this fact we should modify it to the model of Office (Excel) used.

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By Using Rows

  1. Open excel utility,
  2. Prepare the info to be serial numbered,
  3. Select the cells you need to quantity sequentially, for instance in cell C2,
  4. Type the method =ROW()-1, then the preliminary serial quantity, specifically number one, will seem,
  5. Point the mouse in the decrease proper nook of the cell containing the #1 till a plus signal seems,
  6. Drag and drop the mouse down in accordance to what number of traces there are,
  7. Release the mouse then the serial quantity might be displayed instantly,

Why is there a minus 1 pinned behind the method? This is to cut back 1 quantity as a result of the row method will mechanically modify to the order/row of the chosen cells. For instance, we choose cell C2 after which write the row method, specifically ROW(), then the preliminary serial quantity will seem the identical quantity because the row sequence, specifically the second row, so what seems is 2.

The row method has the benefit of having the ability to preserve the serial quantity mechanically when a brand new row is added with out decreasing the serial quantity/dropping down.


Making serial numbers in excel is certainly straightforward, particularly if the quantity sequence is easy or there will not be many. But what if there are plenty of numbers and also you want to kind them in accordance to sure standards? Therefore, there may be nothing incorrect with understanding different strategies for creating serial numbers in Excel apart from utilizing the mouse, comparable to going by means of the fill menu, utilizing formulation, sequences, and rows.

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