How To Make Money From TikTok For Beginners 2023

Cara Mendapatkan Uang Dari Tiktok Untuk Pemula
How To Get Money From Tiktok For Beginners
For those of you who may be currently looking for how how to earn money from TikTok for beginners means that you have entered the right article, because we have provided the discussion for you below.

At this time, a lot of video content is spread on social media in various countries, including Indonesia.

There are lots of platforms or applications that already provide support for making videos with something very interesting for smartphone users.

Even though TikTok is on the rise in Indonesia, this one application also has a very large number of users in China.

If at first the TikTok application itself used Mandarin, at this time there were English and Indonesian language options on the app store so that users in Indonesia could enjoy it.

TikTok itself is an application that provides very unique and interesting special effects that its users can use very easily, so that they can make short videos with very cool results and can also be shown off to friends or other users.

This short video Social Application has a lot of music support so that its users can perform with dance, freestyle, and many others so that it encourages the creativity of its users to become content creators.

With the support of an intelligence technology company, ByteDance, which ultimately allows TikTok to understand the wishes and things that are often done by users so that they can make good suggestions and can increase requests.

In addition to all that, the TikTok application also provides background music from various well-known artists in various categories, starting from DJ, Dance, R&B, Western, Vute, KKC, Addict, Popular and many others.

In fact, there are lots of TikTok users who ultimately make TikTok a place or a field to make a living, or simple income.

How could I not, the TikTok application has been proven to be very paying and many of its users have been paid for by TikTok.

On this occasion, we will give you very bombastic information about how to get money from TikTok for beginners.

How To Get Money From TikTok For Beginners

For more details, please you can just go straight to the review on how to get money from Tiktok for beginners, which is already below until it’s finished, OK, OK!!!

1. Through the Endorsement Program

How To Get Money From Tiktok For Beginners
How to Get Money from TikTok For Beginners Through the Endorse Program

Ways to get money from TikTok for beginners are now more diverse, if at first you can only earn money by watching TikTok videos.

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But at this point, as we explained above, by becoming a content creator on the TikTok application, you can also earn some money, guys.

The money you get as a month’s TikTok salary even has an amount that is not kidding, you can get tens or even hundreds of millions of rupiah through a profession that is currently trending.

Not only that, what’s even more interesting is if you have a number of followers reaching more than 10K, then you could have the opportunity to work with big brands by creating content that will be very wide open.

Very tempting right? So for those of you who want to know the complete trick on how to get money on TikTok for beginners, then check out this review.

For those of you who already have a lot of followers on your TikTok account, it’s a shame if you don’t take advantage of this money-making application by monetizing it.

That way the money will come by itself if you also include endorsement services for friends who want to sell their products, for example by making content marketing videos for them.

Furthermore, you must also provide certain endorsed content and also a Price List that matches the level of difficulty for the content you are creating.

Don’t forget to also make a cooperation agreement if the nominal fee you will get is quite large, guys.

2. Selling Merchandise

How To Get Money From Tiktok For Beginners
How to Make Money from TikTok For Beginners by Selling Merchandise

The next way to get money from tiktok for beginners so that they can get more and more income and keep flowing is to sell merchandise.

You don’t have to work hard to make your own merchandise if you don’t have the expertise or even the capital and time.

Because all you have to do is find a supplier that you want to work with to sell their products with certain commission conditions.

That way, you not only have the potential for income when you post on the TikTok platform, but you also have considered the business risk by not spending a lot of capital to start a merchandise business.

3. Help Other Accounts

How To Get Money From Tiktok For Beginners
How to Make Money from TikTok For Beginners by Helping Other Accounts

Another method or how to get money from tiktok for the third beginner is to help other tiktok accounts to develop.

How do you get income from tiktok while your tiktok account is still relatively new?

The way you have to be diligent is to help other people’s accounts to grow together so that it will also have an impact on increasing the number of your followers.

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After you have a lot of followers, then you can immediately open a repost service for newbie tiktok accounts.

So that way, indirectly you have added income from TikTok by helping other people’s accounts.

4. Holding Potential Sponsors

How To Get Money From Tiktok For Beginners
How to Make Money from TikTok For Beginners by Partnering with Potential Sponsors

The fourth method or way of getting money from TikTok for beginners is by collaborating with existing potential sponsors or some kind of social assistance.

Every video content in the TikTok application certainly has a type of content that is very unique and different from other TikTok accounts.

It’s the same with your TikTok account, which certainly discusses topics that you don’t realize yourself have relevance to certain brands or products.

With only creativity to create video content from mobile devices, you can offer a number of collaborations with sponsors that are relevant to your TikTok content.

After you come to a contract with a sponsor, it’s a sign that you have succeeded in getting money from TikTok.

5. Offer Content Services

How To Get Money From Tiktok For Beginners
How to Get Money from TikTok For Beginners by Offering Content Services

The fifth way to get money from TikTok for beginners is to offer content services to other creators.

Maybe many of you have a very high level of creativity so you have lots of brilliant ideas that can be used as content on your TikTok account.

Maybe you also belong to the Reformer personality type, which according to the BRAIN personality theory, has higher creativity than other personalities.

You only have to offer services to create content or what is usually known as a content creator who helps other accounts to make viral content reviews.

Just imagine if you already have a lot of followers that way you can offer these services, then the coffers of money from TikTok will immediately flood your account.

6. Collecting TikTok Streaming Coins

How To Get Money From Tiktok For Beginners
How to Get Money from TikTok For Beginners by Collecting Coins TikTok Streaming

The sixth way to get money from TikTok for beginners is to collect TikTok coins from the live streaming results that are being carried out.

Do you still feel like a newbie being able to get money from the TikTok application with very few followers?

This next method is very easy for you to do, provided that you have a fairly large internet data package.

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Try to enter into your TikTok account and click on the Rupiah or Rp icon that is already next to your account photo.

Then you just have to watch as much recommended streaming TikTok content as possible, you can watch videos for at least two minutes without any pauses as a condition for the program to get money from the TikTok application.

So you also have a specific strategy so that you can save even more on your internet quota so it doesn’t run out quickly, that way you will get some money that is ready to be disbursed.

7. Join the TikTok Creator Fund

How To Get Money From Tiktok For Beginners
How To Get Money From TikTok For Beginners Join
TikTok Creator Fund

The next way to get money from TikTok for beginners is to join the TikTok Creator Fund.

The income you will get will be measured by several factors, such as user engagement, audience size and also the frequency of uploading content that has been created.

Even so, there are several conditions that you must meet to be able to join the TikTok Creator Fund, guys.

Because, a number of these conditions may relate to your age, place of residence and also the number of your Followers or followers, the following are the terms and conditions:

  • Minimum age 18 years and over.
  • Must reside in the US, France, UK, Germany, Spain and also Italy.
  • Also, the uploaded video must have been watched up to 10,000 times in the last 30 days.
  • Have followers of at least 10,000 followers or followers.
  • Follow the guidelines in the TikTok community and also the terms of service.

The conditions above indicate that those of you who live in Indonesia cannot participate in the TikTok Creator Fund.

This has become an absolute requirement even though other conditions such as the number of followers and also the number of audience meet the standards.

The final word

Those are some how to get money from tiktok for beginners which we can provide for you to apply very easily, guys.

With the method that we have provided above, we hope that you can also get additional income from the tiktok application.

If you think the review we provided above is important, then don’t forget to share it with friends or relatives who don’t know about it.

Finally, all the explanations in this article are finished, that’s all and I hope this is useful for you and good luck, gess.

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