How to make important emails stand out in Thunderbird

Cómo Lograr Que Los Correos Electrónicos Importantes Sobresalgan En Thunderbird

Obviously, not all emails that we obtain are actually important, so we should obtain that these emails that actually are, stand out in thunderbird. The overwhelming majority of customers perceive that some emails are extra important than others, whether or not they’re household, pals or work.

Luckily, the overwhelming majority of electronic mail companies have very attention-grabbing capabilities that can assist us spotlight these emails that we imagine are important and may stand out from the remaining.

In this information, we’ll see how to repair or anchor messages that we wish to stand out, those who we think about important in Thunderbird to all the time pay attention to what we obtain.

Message filters in Thunderbird to make important emails stand out

Make Specific Emails Stand Out In Thunderbird.

One of essentially the most attention-grabbing options of Thunderbird electronic mail is the power to filter messages. All Thunderbird customers may have the next choices out there to them:

  • Starred Posts – This will add a yellow star icon to electronic mail lists.
  • Set excessive priorities for emails: we will spotlight these emails with the chosen precedence. We can select between excessive or greater. One factor to think about is that the precedence column shouldn’t be seen by default.
  • Add labels: we will additionally add labels which are displayed with completely different colours in the lists and we will see them in the e-mail header.
  • Move messages to a particular folder: obtained messages can be routinely moved to a folder that we beforehand chosen.
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All of those choices can be found as actions in Thunderbird. It is true that we will use all these choices to have the option to spotlight emails that we think about important. In our opinion, the very best characteristic to obtain this clearly and exactly is the labels.

The motive? Star icons are useful, however electronic mail titles also can have star symbols, which might make it a bit of difficult to determine out which of them we care about.

Priorities may match, however they will not present up by default and add a brand new column to the e-mail record. We also can use the choice to transfer messages to a particular folder, though we may have to consistently go to it.

How to add new filters

Configure Email Filters.
  • We will select Tools > Message Filters from the menu.
  • We’re going to have to make certain that the right electronic mail inbox is chosen on the high.
  • Here we’re going to choose New in the interface.

The filter guidelines are going to be divided into just a few sections:

  1. Filter Name – This is used to establish the filter.
  2. When the filter runs, it defaults to handbook and upon receipt of recent emails. The choices that aren’t lively by default are: archive, after sending and periodically, each 10 minutes.
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We may also have to select the matching guidelines:

  1. Matches the next: We will want to specify what to match.
  2. Match Any of the Following – Has to match, even when it’s a particular rule.
  3. Match all messages: Appears on all messages in that inbox.

Each rule makes use of an identifier: topic, electronic mail handle, title, situation (begins with), and a string. We may have to configure all three.

We will carry out these actions: it will outline what Thunderbird will do with the emails that match the rule(s). We will choose Label Messages and select one of many out there labels, for instance, we’ll select the one that claims Important.

Once we’re again, we’ll have the option to run the brand new handbook filter on the mailbox to spotlight all comparable emails instantly.

If you resolve to use tags, it is perhaps greatest to use tags for various use instances. We can configure the labels from Configuration> General> Labels. Here we’ll discover a number of choices, amongst which can be found to create new or delete current ones. The labels may have a particular coloration related to them.

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