How to Make Freeze Panes (Unmoving Headers) in Excel

How To Make Freeze Panes (Unmoving Headers) In Excel

The use of the header in an excel desk is essential to make it simpler for us to perceive the contents of the desk. The drawback that always happens associated to desk headers in excel is once we scroll the desk to the underside, particularly if the desk is lengthy. Not just a few have complained concerning the lacking desk headers due to scrolling, making it troublesome to learn knowledge in the desk.

There is a tip that may be finished to overcome this, particularly by making the header not transfer when scrolled. So what strikes is barely the contents of the desk, whereas the header will nonetheless seem even when we scroll the desk.

Therefore we will use the Freeze Panes menu in excel to make the header not transfer. For extra particulars, let’s talk about the steps!

How to Make the Header Not Move When Scrolled in Excel (Freeze Panes)

  1. Open the MS Excel software that has been put in in your pc or laptop computer,
  2. Prepare the information desk that you really want to make a header for in order that it would not transfer when scrolled,
  3. Highlight/place the cursor on the row instantly beneath the desk header, as in our instance, spotlight one of many rows instantly beneath the desk header,
  4. Click the View menu tab in the Excel menu tab row,
  5. Click the Freeze Panes menu in the Window menu group, then 3 Freeze Panes choices will seem,
  6. Select the primary possibility, particularly Freeze Panes,
  7. Try scrolling the desk down, if it really works then the desk header is not going to transfer when it’s scrolled.
Freeze Panes Menu In Excel

To restore it or take away the freeze panes impact, we will enter the View menu once more, click on the Freeze Panes menu, then choose Unfreeze Panes. Not solely desk headers, however we will also be free to select which row we wish to make motionless when scrolling. The trick is to place the cursor on the specified line.

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Remember earlier than accessing the freezes panes menu the highlighted row is the row that strikes with it when scrolled, so be certain to choose the row appropriately in order that the header would not transfer too.

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If the place of the desk header is in the highest row of the excel worksheet, then we will instantly choose the Freeze Top Row menu possibility to make the highest desk header not transfer. So there isn’t any want to spotlight/put the cursor on the road you need to freeze. Apart from that, there’s additionally the Freeze First Column possibility to make the primary column in the desk immovable.

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After understanding the article above, we do not want to fear anymore once we encounter tables/knowledge with a lot of rows as a result of we will make the headers not transfer when scrolling. Thanks to the Freeze Panes menu in excel, the method of writing and studying tables is less complicated. In addition, there are a number of Freeze Pans choices that can be utilized in accordance to your wants.

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