How to Make Emoji Trending 2023

Cara Membuat Emoji Trending
How To Make Trending Emojis

How to make trending emojis – Lately, emoji or emoticons are going viral on social media because they are commonly used to make chatting feel more exciting and fun.

Not even a few also upload it as a status on social media, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram or TikTok.

Meanwhile, now new entertainment is returning to color the daily lives of netizens, such as the Emoji Mix which has recently been viral on social media, especially TikTok.

This simple game also allows combining two emojis into one to form a new emoji and it can definitely go viral.

Meanwhile, to create trending emoji, we can take advantage of websites or applications specifically for trending emoji maker services.

How to Make Emoji Trending 2023

Well, in the following we will discuss and share information about how to make trending emojis and other important information that needs to be known.

1. Using the Gboard App

How To Make Trending Emojis
How to Make Trending Emojis Using the Gboard App

Gboard is one of those apps that can be used to create trending emojis easily and quickly.

This application is officially available so it can be downloaded via the Google Play Store, App Store or via the link that we will provide.

If you have questions about security, Gboard is an application that is very safe to use and this can be proven from the availability of the download link on the application’s official market, namely the Google Play Store and AppStore.

For how to make trending emoji using the Gboard application, namely as follows:
  • The first step, download and install the Gboard application through the Play Store, App Store or via the following link (Download the Gboard App).
  • For those who already have the Gboard application, make sure the application has been updated to the latest version.
  • Then open any chat application, for example WhatsApp or Telegram.
  • Then select someone you want to send the trending emoji to then click the chat box to display Gboard.
  • If the keyboard from Gboard doesn’t appear, make sure you have set Gboard as the default keyboard in the settings section
  • Then grant emoji access in the settings section then click the preferences option then select the options for “Show emoji-switch key”, “Show emoji in keyboard symbols”, “Emoji browsing suggestions”, and “Emoji fast-access bar”.
  • Select the smiley icon next to the space icon on Gboard and you will be presented with a list of emoji.
  • Continue with selecting the two pairs of emoji you want and Gboard will automatically combine these emoji pairs and then produce the combination at the top of the empty keyboard.
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2. Using the Telegram Application

How To Make Trending Emojis
How to Make Trending Emojis Using the Telegram Application

The way to make the next trending emoji can be done using the Telegram chat application.

Maybe you never thought that the Telegram application could be used to create trending emojis, but that’s the reality.

If you already have the Telegram application on your cellphone, then you can log in and use it to create trending emojis.

For how to make trending emojis using the Telegram application, they are as follows:
  • Open the Telegram application on your cellphone first.
  • Then log in to your account as usual after that type the word emoji in the search field.
  • You can scroll through the page until you find the hairy emoticon, if the emoji is already displayed on the screen.
  • Then copy and paste on the social media you want to share, for example Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, WhatsApp and others.

3. Through the Tikolu Site

How To Make Trending Emojis
How to Make Trending Emoji via Tikolu Site

As explained earlier, trending emojis are not only made using an application, but can also be done through a website.

The first site we recommend for you is called Tikolu and it is already quite popular among emoji fans.

For how to make trending emoji via the Tikolu site, namely as follows:
  • Open the site via a web browser using a PC, laptop or browser via the following link (Visit the Tikolu Site).
  • Once the site is open, you can click the “Click here to begin” option and two columns for searching for emoji and combining them will appear.
  • Please select an emoji in each of these columns by scrolling or you can also use the “Search” feature which is marked with a magnifying glass symbol next to the column.
  • Then position the two emoji that you want to combine with the + sign and the combined results of the two emoji will be displayed immediately.
  • You can select the ‘Copy’ option if you want to save the emoji creations that have been made.
  • Meanwhile, the results of combining these emojis can later be shared via social media by clicking the “Share” or “Copy Link” option.

4. By Copy & Paste

How To Make Trending Emojis
How to Make Trending Emoji by Copy & Paste

The way to make trending emoji that is no less easy to do is to copy & paste the trending emoji, guys.

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You can use this method if you don’t want to install an app or access a site to make the emoji.
Emoji can be made by copying & pasting because basically they are two separate characters.
For how to make trending emoji by copy & paste, namely as follows:
  • Copy ᥬ᭄ first.
  • Then paste it on the social media used and also make sure if you have pasted the desired emoji character.
  • The following are several choices of hairy emoticon characters that you can directly copy and paste as you wish.

ᥬ🤭᭄ᥬ🤫᭄ᥬ 🤭᭄

Benefits of Using Emoji When Chatting

How To Make Trending Emojis
Benefits of Using Emoji When Chatting

When discussing how to make trending emojis, it’s incomplete if you don’t discuss what benefits you will get if you use emojis while chatting.

What you need to know, the use of emoji or digital icons functions to express emotions in communicating on social media and has become commonplace nowadays.

In fact, in 2014, one emoji was named the most popular word, the “heart” emoji.

As for the benefits, there are 5 benefits of using emojis when chatting that we will get.

The benefits of using emojis when chatting are as follows:

1. Someone Becomes More Popular on Social Media

The first benefit that you will get if you use emojis to chat is that you can become more popular on social media, guys.

This was also expressed by Simo Tchokni from the University of Cambridge who stated that “Most influential people often use emojis in conversations on social media, especially emojis that show positive emotions”.

This fact has also been conveyed in the conclusion of research involving more than 30 million tweets on Twitter.

2. As a Genuine Human Facial Expression

Meanwhile, the second benefit is that it can be used as a genuine human facial expression, because Owen Churches from Flinders University found that when someone sees the “smile” emoji, specific parts of the brain will identify the emoji as when they see a genuine human smiling expression.

However, this only applies to emoji formats that are written from left to right, for example to represent “smile”, it is better to write “:)” instead of “(:”.

3. Dilute the Formal Communication Atmosphere

We certainly often think that the use of emoji is not appropriate when used in formal situations, for example when chatting via chat with superiors or business partners.

However, research results from the University of Missouri actually reveal the opposite fact.
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Because the research states that when someone inserts the “smile” emoji in a job application letter, the HRD of the company where they apply for work will be more interested in the applicant.

4. Soften criticism

The results of the research study also found, if when a superior criticizes the work of his subordinates by using emojis, then the subordinates will tend to accept this criticism better and will try to change themselves.

5. Making the Chatting Atmosphere More Open

A study in 2008 also stated that emoji users would experience positive effects along with technological developments.

This can be seen from being more open in personal interactions, absorbing more information, and being a pleasant conversationalist.

6. Makes You Look Smarter and Better

Maybe you never thought that using emojis that are appropriate and positive can make social media users look smarter and easier to communicate with.

In a study uploaded on academic research, the use of emoji is also stated to be able to make us remember the contents of chats or messages that were previously read longer.

7. Make People Happier

If you feel that while chatting on social media you often feel annoyed or unhappy, chances are that is a sign to use emojis immediately.

Because based on research results in 2008, emoji users will feel happier when they interact and receive information.

In addition, emoji are also considered not only fun to use but can also provide positive value for the communication itself.

The final word

This is the information we can convey about how to make trending emojis and other important information that can be learned and applied.

The emoji results that have been created through the site will later appear as PNG format and cannot be saved like normal emoji in chats.

Meanwhile, the result of a combination of emoji made through the Gboard application will automatically appear as a sticker that can be saved and then sent back via social media.

You can choose one of the methods or try them one by one, but what is clear is that each method we share is fairly easy to apply and can produce great emojis. Hopefully useful and good luck.

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