How to Make an Easy Instagram Microblog for Beginners

Rifqiy Hamid

This time I will discuss how to make an Instagram microblog for beginners and easy, of course.

It’s a trend on Instagram that accounts for Microblog creators usually contain tutorials and tips that they share.

Instagram microblog can benefit everyone who not only uses Instagram to show off photos, but also as a learning tool.

Microblog is perfect for those of you who want additional engagement on your Instagram account because by providing benefits or sharing knowledge, many people will automatically follow your IG account.

So this time I will share how I create a Microblog on Instagram.

What is an Instagram Microblog?

Microblog comes from 2 words, namely Micro = Small and Blog = web log which usually contains content with lots of sentences.

So Microblog is an information medium that contains a few words of information but remains in outline.

As a result, everyone prefers microblogs because they provide information that is short but still understandable to people.

Create an Instagram Microblog Account

There is no specific way to create a microblog account, you can use a personal account or a business account on Instagram.

But I prefer to use an Instagram business account because there are many interesting features.

Here’s the difference between a personal account or a regular account and an Instagram Business Account.

Difference between Instagram Personal Account and Business Account

The fundamental difference is that Instagram Business Accounts have interesting features, including:

  • Has a “Swipe Up” feature if you have reached 10,000 followers.
  • There is an analytic feature that can read the number of visitors and the behavior of your followers.
  • Get Buttons such as Contact and Email Buttons which make it easy to contact your partner.
  • There is a feature to increase post visits.
  • And so forth.
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All of the above features cannot be owned by personal or personal Instagram accounts, so switch to a business account immediately.

How to Create an Instagram Microblog With Carousel Posts

How To Create An Instagram Carousel
How To Make An Easy Instagram Microblog For Beginners 2

A Microblogger usually takes advantage of the Carousel feature that already exists on Instagram.

This Caraousel feature is commonly referred to as a continuous post or a continuous post on Instagram.

The way to make a continuous Instagram post is to upload multiple images (multiple images) of up to 10 images to Instagram.

Now to make it we need a software or application to create an interesting Carousel and usually the pictures will be sequential or connected.

Create an Instagram Carousel Threaded Post in Photoshop

The best way to create a Carousel continuous post in Photoshop is to create an artboard the size of an Instagram feed (4:5 or 1:1).

I myself use the Instagram Portrait feed with a size of 1:1 or more precisely 1080×1080 px.

Make an artboard measuring 1080×1080 pixels 10 times in a row from left to right. Then create your feed design to your heart’s content.

I myself use a template that I made specifically for microblog feeds. If you want to use it you can free photoshop microblog template download made by me.

Create an Instagram Carousel Threaded Post in PowerPoint

An alternative to Adobe Photoshop for creating a continuous Instagram Carousel post is to use PowerPoint.

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Create a new PowerPoint document then resize the slide to be like the Instagram feed, how to resize the slide as follows.

  1. Open PowerPoint.
  2. Select the Design menu tab.
  3. After that, select the Slide Size menu > Custom Slide Size.
  4. Finally change the size to 1080px Height and 1080px Width
  5. Finished.

After the slide size becomes the size of the Instagram feed, you can design the carousel according to your wishes.

Increasing Content to Increase Followers

After knowing what a Microblog is and how to make it, we must also improve the quality of the content. Here’s a list of ways to improve content to get lots of followers.

1. Focus on one or related content

In order for the audience or followers to match the targets we achieve, we must focus on the content that we will create.

For example, if you are proficient at editing photos with Photoshop and photography, then focus your content on Photoshop editing tutorials and also by providing tips and tricks about the world of photography.

2. Use Easy-to-Read Fonts

So that your microblog readers feel comfortable, don’t underestimate the design of your microblog feed, especially in the typography or font section.

Use a maximum of 2 fonts so that visitors are comfortable reading it and also pay attention to the layout of the fonts and images.

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3. Use Attractive Images

This Instagram Carousel feed contains image, font and other graphic elements. Then use an interesting image that is spread on the Internet.

Also make sure you don’t just download images that are spread on the internet because they are usually copyrighted.

Download images for free on the internet by accessing free image provider websites such as or

4. Enter Interesting Descriptions and Tags

In order for your Instagram posts to reach a large audience, we must optimize descriptions and use tags on Instagram.

Use an interesting and complete description and also enter tags that match what you discuss on the microblog.

If you have trouble adding Instagram tags, you can use a tag generator like Inflat or Tagsfinder which makes it easy to find relevant tags.


Those are some of the steps I made for how to create an Instagram microblog for beginners.

The most important thing to develop your microblog is consistency. Do it every day and post useful things that can increase your Instagram followers.

Because the most important thing in social media is “traffic”.

So hopefully useful.

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