How to Live Streaming Youtube from HP to PC / Laptop

Rifqiy Hamid

This time I will give a tutorial on how to live stream YouTube from cellphone to PC / laptop.

Live Streaming on Youtube requires a powerful device, one of which is using a PC with an adequate processor.

Just doing Live Streaming using a cellphone will certainly burden the device and result in broken lags, therefore Live Streaming with a cellphone while playing games is not recommended.

The best solution is to display a streaming screen from HP to PC so that the PC processes all the live.

And here are some steps on how to Live Streaming Youtube from HP to PC.

1. Install the Scrcpy Mirroring Software so that the HP screen appears on your PC / laptop

Scrcpy Mirroring Software So That The Cellphone Screen Appears On The Pc

First we have to display the HP screen to the PC using the Scrcpy application software.

How to install and run Scrcpy is quite easy with the following steps:

  1. First download the software application Scrcpy.
  2. Furthermore extract Scrpy file.
  3. Connect the HP with USB to the PC inside debugging mode.
  4. After that select and run scrcpy-noconsole.exe.
  5. Then the HP screen will appear on your PC.
  6. Finished.

Make sure Connect the HP to the PC in a state of debugging mode, to enable debugging mode to enter HP settings > Developer Options > USB Debugging.

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2. Install OBS Studio on PC / Laptop

Obs Studio View

Switching to a PC / Laptop, to start live streaming on Youtube we need the help of an application software called OBS Studio which can connect HP and PC as well as camera settings and more.

How to install OBS Studio on a PC / Laptop:

  1. Downloads OBS Studio.
  2. Next run the program OBS-Studio.exe.
  3. Install as usual with the click of a button Next.
  4. Finished.

3. Activate the Live Streaming Feature on Youtube

Before starting live streaming on Youtube, we must register our cellphone number so that the Live Streaming feature can be used on the channel that you are using now.

To activate the YouTube live stream feature, you can visit live streaming page Youtube and input and phone number confirmation your cellphone.

4. Displaying the HP Screen to the PC in OBS Studio

Displaying Hp Screen To Pc In Obs Studio With The Help Of Scrcpy

The next step is to display the HP screen to the PC so that the game playing moment can be seen on your live stream.

Make sure you have run Scrpy in step 1. If so, here’s how to display the HP screen to the PC.

  1. Open OBS Studio.
  2. Then select the menu Source and press + button > Window Capture.
  3. Name Window then select it OK.
  4. Select a Named Window [scrcpy-noconsole.exe] : Your cellphone name.
  5. Last click OK.
  6. Resize as desired.
  7. Finished.
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5. Start Live Streaming Youtube from HP to PC

Stream Key Settings And Start Youtube Live Streaming

The last step is that we can start Live Streaming with HP to PC, but before that you have to set the stream key so you can live Youtube with OBS.

Youtube Stream Key Settings in OBS Studio

  1. First login to Live Youtube page.
  2. Next select Streaming Settings.
  3. So copy or copy Streaming Key / Streaming Key.
  4. The next step is open OBS Studio.
  5. Select a menu File > Settings > Stream.
  6. At Service Youtube Paste StreamKey the.
  7. Click button apply Then OK.

Start Live Streaming Youtube from HP to PC

  1. Run Games on HP.
  2. Make sure the internet is stable.
  3. Click button Start Streaming.
  4. Finished.


Those are the easy steps for Live Streaming from HP to PC using the help of the OBS Studio software and Scrcpy Mirroring.

By using OBS you can set your own live stream needs and also camera settings as you wish. And using Scrcpy software is the right choice because it is the best HP to PC mirroring application that I still use today.

To change the title and description of your live stream, you can enter the YouTube live page via a browser.

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