How to Live Stream on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch Simultaneously

How To Live Stream On Youtube, Facebook, Twitch Simultaneously

Here’s a guide on how to live stream on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch simultaneously. Have you ever tried live streaming to several applications at once such as Facebook, YouTube, and others?

You may face webcam busy error as well as slow response from your PC system due to possible CPU overload.

The webcam busy error (the camera is being used by another application) in Windows occurs when a user tries to access the camera while the camera is in use. If you don’t believe me, try connecting your webcam to two different apps like Skype and Facebook messenger and see what happens.

This problem has been experienced by users of Window 7 and above and occurs both on external and built-in cameras. It is not specific to any particular app that you may use and the reasons behind it may be manifold.

In this article, we will explain the steps to solve this problem and how to live stream on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook at the same time using the SplitCam application.

SplitCam has the capacity to stream live to several applications smoothly without any webcam errors. Apart from Live streaming, it can also be used for Game streaming, Video recording, Online classes, Presentations and others.

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How to Live Stream on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch Simultaneously

The steps described below are for live streaming on YouTube. As for live streaming on Twitch and Facebook
same way.

The only difference is stream key which you have to copy and paste from each application. Here are the steps:

1. First, download SplitCam for Windows 10 64 bit or 32 bit or previous version as needed
from here.

2. Install the app on your PC and give it permission to access your webcam. The webcam feed will appear on the screen and its name will appear in the ‘Media Layers‘.

3. Make your live stream on YouTube and you will see a window where
key (key) for streaming will be given. Copy the key by clicking the button ‘Copy‘ and save it for use in the next step.

4. In SplitCam, click ‘StreamSettings‘ in the upper right corner, then click ‘Add Channels‘.

5. Select ‘YouTube‘ in the channel list and click ‘continue‘.

6. Paste the key that you copied in step 3 above and enter the broadcast name in the field ‘StreamName‘.

7. Next, in the column Stream URLsAgan has to select the server where the broadcast will be done like Global or BackUp.

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8. In’Broadcast Settings‘You can choose’Recommended presets‘ or click ‘Create New‘ to create a new preset and finally click the ‘Save and Close’ button.

9. Click ‘StreamSettings‘ again to verify if the channel is visible. Next to your stream name, you will see a blue slider which can be used to turn off/on the broadcast once it starts.

10. Now, to start the Live stream, click ‘GoLive‘ and observe that the aforementioned slider will turn green indicating that the stream has started successfully. If the slider shows red or yellow, it indicates some kind of glitch or error in the broadcast settings which you can try and adjust one more time to make it work.

11. Now you can open YouTube and check if the broadcast is visible and running properly. Until you click on the ‘Go Live’ button at the top right of the YouTube page, the stream is only visible to you. Once you click on the ‘Go Live’ button, the stream is broadcast to the viewers and a timeline appears showing the broadcast time.

Again, the steps described above are for live streaming on YouTube. As for live streaming on Twitch and Facebook, the method is the same, all you have to do is copy and paste the stream key.

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to get the live streaming steps on Facebook and to get the stream key. For Twitch, click
here. For help with YouTube live streaming, click

That’s a guide on how to live stream on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch simultaneously. I hope this article was useful for you! Thank you for visiting.

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