How to Link Konami ID in PES 2022 (Data So Safe)

Select The Support Menu In Pes

PES or eFootball 2022 is one of the most played soccer games today. This game was developed by Konami, which is developer from the PES PC and console series.

Just like other online games, in PES there are two login options. The first is a regular account login, and the second is a login guest.

When you want to try PES, most people will choose the mode guest. Unfortunately the lack of mode guest this is game data that will be lost when deleted.

If you also select the mode guest
and don’t want the game data to be lost, you can link the Konami ID as described below.

How to Link Konami ID

There is nothing special to prepare for linking a Konami ID. You only need to have an active email, and if you can, one that you use frequently.

The linking itself can be done through PES 2022 settings. For more details, you can follow these steps:

1. Open the Extras Menu

Select The Support Menu In Pes

The first step, you can open the PES 2022 game first. If it’s already open, you can directly tap the tab Extra which is at the top.

After that, please tap the menu again Support to be able to proceed to the next process.

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2. Select Menu Data Link

Select Pes Link Data Menu

Here you will see several Support menus. Since we want to link accounts, then you have to select the menu Link Data.

3. Select the Konami ID Link Option

Data Menu Using Konami Id

Then there are 2 Data Link options that you can choose from. First to link to Google Playstore and Konami ID.

Because you want to use a Konami ID, you can choose the option Link Data Using Konami ID.

Actually, to link PES 2022 accounts, you can only use one option. But if you want to link the two, that’s fine too to make it more secure.

4. Register Konami Account

Check All Option On Konami Account

Then you will be directed to the official Konami website. Here, you must register account first.

You can enter e-mailaccount profile name, password, region and others according to available data. Then don’t forget to check the option Check All and tap Next.

5. Confirm Account Creation

Example Of Completed Konami Account Registration

After that you will receive a verification code to e-mail registered. Please check e-mail you and enter the verification code into the field provided.

If so, you can press the Next button. So that later on the display on the Konami site, a Registration Completed notification will appear.

6. You have successfully linked your Konami ID

Example Of Done Linking Konami Account

Finally, you will be directly redirected to the PES 2022 game. Then here, you will also get a notification Data Linked Successfully.

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Why Accounts Need to be Linked?

Konami prefers its players to link account data rather than playing through the mode guest. The reasons include:

  • PES 2022 account data becomes more secure (don’t worry about being lost when updates games)
  • Easy transfer of account data to other devices. For example, you change your old cellphone to a new cellphone.
  • Can get notifications to the registered email when there is a promotion from Konami
  • You can get 10,000 GP

The final word

That’s how to link a Konami ID. The method above is specifically for those of you who don’t have a Konami account before.

Meanwhile, if you have, you do not need to register again. But enough login Of course, the PES 2022 account will automatically be linked immediately.

For those who are still confused, don’t hesitate to ask me through the comments column.

May be useful.

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