How to Komal 9 on TikTok Live Together, Big Exposure?

How To Komal 9 On Tiktok Live Together, Big Exposure?

In the last few days, it’s been a viral trend Komal 9 on Live TikTok. Have you ever seen or watched it?

Where on live there are 9 people who do live broadcast together. And that immediately made a lot of people curious about how to do it.

But unfortunately the live feature for 9 people at the same time is only available for the American region of TikTok and not yet in Indonesia.

But don’t worry, there are still secret trick tips that you can use so you can keep up with the Komal 9 live TikTok trend. Curious right?

Tutorial Komal 9 Live TikTok

Tutorial Komal 9 Live Tiktok
Tutorial Komal 9 Live Tiktok

As previously mentioned, the 9-person live feature together is only available for TikTok in America.

So those of us who live in Indonesia cannot enjoy this feature for now. But you also don’t need to worry, because every problem must have a solution.

Due to the feature of comma 9 live TikTok this is only in the Americas region, so we only need to set the region to that location.

So that later the feature will open and we can use it. How to? We will need help from several applications, among others.

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How To Do Komal 9 Live TikTok

How To Do Komal 9 Live Tiktok
How To Do Komal 9 Live Tiktok

Well first of all you need to download everything application required via the link above. After that, install everything in HP device each of you. If everything is installed, see the following tutorial.

  • Open Fake GPS application then setting to region America (Houston)
  • Then open the VPN app and connect to american servers.
  • After that, you open TikTok application Plugin and select America country as well.
  • If everything is active, click the Open the TikTok Application option in the TikTok Plugin.
  • Then all you have to do is click the option livetap Arrangement and choose Lattice.
  • 9 columns will automatically appear, all of which can be used for live.
  • You can invite friends to do it live broadcast together.


How, really easy? The Komal 9 trend on Live TikTok is indeed moderate viral and there are so many who want to know how to do it.

We need some additional applications for setting TikTok to the Americas region because this feature is still limited to certain regions.

Hopefully the above information can help and is also useful. Also look forward to other exciting and interesting article updates that will be present every day.

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