How to Install a Set top Box to a Tube TV 2023

Cara Memasang Set Top Box Pada Tv Tabung
How To Install A Set Top Box On A Tube Tv

How to attach a set top box to a tube TV You must know more about analog television (TV) owners who want to enjoy digital broadcasts.

You can use a set top box (STB) device, because it makes owners of old model TVs no longer need to buy a new TV that supports digital broadcast services.

This is because the government through the Ministry of Communication and Informatics (Kominfo) has indeed stopped broadcasting analog TV which has started on April 30, 2022.

Even people who meet the requirements can get a free set top box from the government, but in reality it’s not only old model TVs, aka tubes, that receive digital broadcasts.

Including for brands that have never been certified by Kominfo, if you are currently experiencing difficulties in migrating analog to digital broadcasts?

Immediately you see the explanation how to attach a set top box to a tube tv below, so you can enjoy clearer broadcasts.

How to Choose a Set Top Box

How To Install A Set Top Box On A Tube Tv
How to Choose a Set Top Box

First of all, before you use the method of installing a set top box on a tube TV, you better pay attention to a few things.

We will explain the specifications and characteristics of STBs that can receive digital broadcasts in Indonesia, because there’s nothing wrong with choosing the best set to box.

This set-top box product can be found in the market, this set-top box is usually in the form of a set-top box, remote and cable so you don’t get confused, see below.

How to choose a set top box is as follows:

  • Generally, this STB device is equipped with a USB port so you can plug in a flash drive or hard disk. This external memory will later be used as a storage medium when recording TV, opening files and upgrading software.
  • To be able to enjoy the TV broadcast recorder feature, you must ensure that there is a personal video recorder (PVR) explanation on your STB.
  • If it supports internet protocol television (IPTV), then the STB can also catch online TV broadcasts and stream YouTube. This broadcast can be obtained by adding a USB Wi-Fi dongle device as an internet source. This USB Wi-Fi dongle is only sold separately and requires an internet package to be used.
  • Each STB certainly has different specifications, features and advantages. If you only want to get digital broadcasts in Indonesia, all you have to do is buy a standard STB. However, what if you want to watch digital broadcasts together with online TV. You have to make sure you buy an STB that supports IPTV, besides that you need to buy additional devices and internet packages to be able to watch TV online.
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How to Install a Set Top Box to an LCD/LED TV

How To Install A Set Top Box On A Tube Tv
How to Install a Set Top Box on an LCD/LED TV

How to install a set top box on this tube TV, well it’s almost the same as installing a set top box on an LCD or LED TV, but the difference is using an HDMI cable.

The HDMI cable will also function to produce clear image quality and also be comfortable to look at.

How to install a set top box on an LCD/LED TV, as follows:

  • First of all you have to prepare the STB device and LED / LCD TV.
  • Next, don’t forget to prepare an HDMI cable (but buy it separately).
  • Then connect the antenna cable to the ANT-IN port on the STB.
  • If you have plugged in the HDMI cable from the STB to the TV according to the port.
  • Then you connect the STB with RCA cables.
  • Turn on the TV and please press the Source button on the remote.
  • After that, switch to HDMI or audio/video mode.
  • When it’s finished, you activate the STB and please wait until the menu appears.
  • All you have to do is press the Menu button on the remote
  • Then you select the Broadcast Search option, so the Search Will Be Automatic.
  • It remains only to wait for all channels to be scanned.
  • At this stage select the save option, if so then you can watch TV broadcasts more clearly.
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How to Attach a Set Top Box to a Tube TV

How To Install A Set Top Box On A Tube Tv
How to Install a Set top Box on a Tube TV

People who have tube model TVs were worried about the program to stop analog broadcasts. They shouldn’t worry because they can still enjoy digital broadcasts.

However, armed with an additional device called a set top box, even so there are still many people who don’t understand how to install it and if you are curious, just see below.

How to install a set top box to a tube TV, as follows:

  • First, make sure you have prepared the STB and analog TV devices.
  • Not only that, you also have to prepare a DVB-T2 type STB.
  • After that you have to make sure the analog TV is in the power off position.
  • Then you unplug the antenna cable that is already installed on the analog TV.
  • Connect the antenna cable to the port which is usually called ANT IN.
  • When finished, then connect the HDMI cable from the port on the STB to the analog TV.
  • Then you connect with an AV cable for analog TVs that have never supported HDMI.
  • If so, you have to make sure the STB is connected to power.
  • Turn on STB and analog TV.
  • Enter the analog TV settings menu.
  • When finished, please select the AV display mode option.
  • Then you select the channel search option.
  • So a list of digital broadcast channels will appear soon.
  • At this stage, just select the Save option and you’re done, now you can enjoy TV broadcasts.
  • Usually the way to attach the STB to the analog TV above may be different, but it depends on the type of TV and STB used.
  • To find out more detailed STB settings for analog TV, you will usually find it in the device manual.
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What are the complete set top boxes?

To be able to use the method of installing a set top box on a tube TV, you have to make sure that the device supports digital TV networks in Indonesia.

But again, it has to be adjusted to Kominfo standards, namely Digital Video Broadcasting-Second Generation Terrestrial (DVB-T2).

However, it’s better not to use an STB that has never supported the DVB-T2 network, besides that, don’t forget to make sure the completeness of the STB you have.

Before installing it on a tube or LED/LCD TV, you have to know what are the complete set top boxes?

The completeness of the STB device that must be considered is as follows:

  • Set top box device
  • Antenna cable
  • Adapter or charger
  • LAN and WLAN cables
  • RCA cable
  • Remote and battery
  • HDMI cable (if applicable)

Not only the equipment above, but you also need to check the port on the set top box, which is as follows:

  • RCA ports
  • HDMI ports
  • USB ports
  • Adapter ports
  • LAN ports
  • ANT IN and ANT OUT ports
  • MicroSD slot (if available)

The final word

That’s the whole content of our article this time about how to attach a set top box to a tube tv We have detailed information so that you can use it easily.

But you have to make sure the completeness of the set top box first, then you install the set top box on the TV saving it to your dear.

This is because the migration program for analog to digital broadcasts is currently aimed at improving the quality and also the convenience of the public in watching programs on television.

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