How to Host on Zoom 2023

How To Host On Zoom 2023
How To Host On Zoom

How to Host on Zoom – The Zoom video conferencing application has become very popular since the pandemic hit several countries in the world, including Indonesia.

Because the Zoom application is used by many groups such as entrepreneurs, students and workers to work and study online.

Usually, when doing Zoom Meetings, someone acts as the host or presenter and participants.

Both hosts and participants, all of them will conduct online meetings using laptops or other devices.

However, to make it more practical and easy, we recommend just using a laptop device, guys.

As for being a host, it can be done easily anytime and anywhere as long as you already have an account on the Zoom application itself.

Apart from that, make sure that the device and internet quota used are sufficient, guys.

What you also need to know is that Zoom Cloud Meetings can not only make one-on-one video calls, but also in a group with up to one hundred members.

Then how do you become a host on Zoom meetings? The method is fairly easy, guys, and you can see in the following review about how to become a host on Zoom.

How to Host on Zoom

How To Host On Zoom
How to Host on Zoom on Laptops and HP Devices
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As we explained in the initial discussion, to be able to start a meeting on the Zoom application, be it as a host or participant, you can do it using laptops, PCs and cellphones, guys.

So, here’s how to become a host on Zoom on laptop and cellphone devices that can be applied:

1. How to Become a Host on Zoom Via a Laptop

  • Open the Zoom application on your laptop or you can also open the official website via the following link (Zoom Official Website).
  • Then click Sign In after the Zoom application or website opens.
  • To hold a meeting session on Zoom, please click on the Host menu at the top right, guys.
  • Then log in using the email and password that was created before. Can also use Google (Gmail), Facebook or SSO.
  • To start an instant meeting, please click the down arrow and select Start With Video then click New Meeting and you can host Zoom Meetings guys.

After the meeting room is created, then you can invite participants by clicking Participants and Invite.

So you can invite participants instantly via email, copy link or Zoom contact.
You can also schedule meetings through the new Zoom desktop client and Zoom web portal and then invite participants.

2. How to become a host on Zoom via cellphone

  • Download and install the Zoom application on your cellphone via the following link (Download the Zoom Application).
  • Then open the application and log in using a Zoom account or a Gmail account, guys.
  • If you are invited to a webinar or meeting online, you can request an existing link and then click it immediately.
  • You will automatically be directed to the Zoom application, because you must open the application first, when the meeting ID is given.
  • Then click the Join a meeting menu then enter the Meeting ID and password provided.
  • Then select Start meeting to create a meeting guys.
  • Go to Settings then find the personal meeting ID and password.
  • Select the Schedule menu, to schedule a meeting either once or periodically.
  • If you are using an Android device, you can take advantage of the Upcoming feature (only for Android) to change the schedule that has been made.
  • You can already take part in live meetings with colleagues, students and others.
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The final word

These are the methods that can be applied if you want to host or attend meetings on the Zoom application.

Before registering as a host and participant, make sure your quota is sufficient.

Because the Zoom Meetings process requires a fast and stable quota, so that it can run smoothly.

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