How to find a Shopee account with a cellphone number without the hassle

How To Find A Shopee Account With A Cellphone Number Without The Hassle

How to find a Shopee account with a cellphone number now it’s even easier to do. As one of the marketplace which has many users, the account search feature by using a cellphone number is of course quite attractive.

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How to Find a Shopee Account Using a Cellphone

How To Find A Shopee Account Using A Cellphone
How To Find A Shopee Account Using A Cellphone

Search Shopee account Using this cellphone number has several advantages, including:

  • Help the account owner if he forgets the username or e-mail used.
  • Users can also find accounts Shopee others by taking advantage mobile phone number. However, this can only be done if you save phone number friends in the contact list.

You can now easily see who in your contact list is connected at Shopee. However, Shopee takes the privacy of its users very seriously, so you can’t see the cellphone numbers of people who haven’t been saved in the contact list.

For those of you who haven’t opened a Shopee account in a long time or have multiple accounts, there is a possibility forgot username or e-mail used. You don’t need to be confused about entering, because Shopee provides an account search feature using a cellphone number. Here are the steps you can follow to find a Shopee account by leveraging mobile phone number.

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1. How to find a Shopee account with a cellphone number to enter an old account

There are many options for logging into a Shopee account, including using a username, cellphone number, WhatsApp, and also e-mail. One easy way to remember is to log in using your cellphone number. However, make sure the number is still active because there will be a notification OTP number to the registered number.

For those of you who want to log in to your Shopee account using your cellphone number, please follow the steps below.

  1. Open the Shopee marketplace application, you can do it on your cellphone or pc. If you don’t have this application installed on your cellphone, then the first thing you need to do is download it.
  2. Enter the “My Page” menu.
  3. Click the “Login” option.
  4. Next, select “Login with cellphone number”.
  5. Please enter the cellphone number you are using, make sure the number is registered at Shopee.
  6. Select “Continue”.
  7. Insert verification code sent through SMS or WhatsApp to the number you previously input.
  8. Click the “Continue” option, the system will direct you to your account.
  9. The method above can also be used if you forget your Shopee account name, but still remember the cellphone number you used. All you have to do is follow these steps, then you can easily see the name of the Shopee account that you have.
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2. How to find someone else’s Shopee account with a registered cellphone number

Shopee facilitates its users to find other people’s accounts using their cellphone number. Not just any number you can use to find this Shopee account. This is because the cellphone number can be used to find the name Shopee account must be in your contact list.

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Even though there is a feature to look for other people’s Shopee accounts by cellphone number, you can’t see all accounts. This is because some people have set their account to be undiscoverable by others. Shopee provides an “Invisible to contacts” feature, to protect the privacy of its users.

So, how how to find a Shopee account with a cellphone number others? Check out the following explanation.

  1. Launch the Shopee application
  2. Select menu “Me”
  3. At the bottom of your Shopee username, click the “Followers or Following” menu
  4. Click the “Contact” icon at the top right
  5. Shopee will display the account names whose numbers we have stored in the contact list.

The final word

Although you can easily see the name of a friend’s account whose cellphone number is stored in contact list, but make sure you use it wisely. Thus how to find a Shopee account with a cellphone numberso you don’t get confused when forgot username. Good luck.

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