How to Enter FB Through IG 2023

Cara Masuk Fb Lewat Ig
How To Enter Fb Through Ig

How to Enter FB Through IG – Social media is a medium or intermediary that many people use today to communicate with other people so that it is faster and easier.

The emergence of various social media is a form of evidence of the progress of science and technology.

As we know that nowadays there are many types of social media that are equipped with interesting features, such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and other social media.

And in this article we will share information regarding Facebook and Instagram, where what we will explain is how to enter a Facebook account via an Instagram account.

Facebook, which is usually referred to by its abbreviation, namely FB, is one of the social media that has a lot of users, even its users continue to increase because this social media network is very well known by people all over the world.

Likewise with Instagram, which is usually referred to by its abbreviation, namely IG, which is a social media that is very synonymous with very diverse photo and video content.

And it should be noted that Instagram and Facebook have now launched new features that make it easier for their users.

These two social media have offered connectivity that makes it easier for users to access these two social media without having to bother the user.

So that this connectivity can be utilized by users to easily cross-platform login to accounts.

The point is that Facebook users can easily log in from an Instagram account, and vice versa when an Instagram account logs in from a Facebook account, it’s interesting isn’t it.

Therefore, in this article we will explain how to enter your FB (Facebook) account through an IG (Instagram) account, and important things you need to know about our theme in this article, and later at the end of the discussion we will also explain regarding how to login to IG via FB.

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Who is looking for related information how to enter FB via IG Maybe you can’t wait to find out how, so please just look at the explanation below.

How to Enter FB Through IG

How To Enter Fb Through Ig
How to Enter FB Through IG

There are several steps you must take if you want to successfully login to your Facebook account via your Instagram account.

And below are the steps we mean for you to follow for how to enter FB via IG, namely as follows;

  • First, please login to your Instagram account (Download the Instagram App for Android).
  • Then please click on the “Profile” icon in the upper right corner.
  • Next, please select the “Settings” menu option and you click “Sharing to Other Apps on your Instagram account.
  • After that, please select “Facebook” to link your profile so that it is synchronized with your Instagram account.
  • Please fill in all your Facebook account data such as ID and password, then you just wait until the account linking process is complete.
  • If the device on which you are using your Facebook account has logged in before, then this linking process will take place automatically.
  • Then you have successfully linked your Facebook account through your Instagram account.
  • Then to login to your FB simply by clicking on the FB icon, your Facebook profile details will appear.
  • Finished.

How to Overcome Failed to Enter FB Via IG

Sometimes users experience failure to log into their Facebook account via Instagram, if you are currently experiencing this failure, even though you have followed the guide on how to enter FB via IG that we have explained above.

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But you still fail, so you have to log out of the two social media, this is one of the ways you have to do to overcome the failure to connect or link FB with Instagram.

Because if you fail to connect, then automatically you will also not be able to enter your Facebook account via Instagram.

Below are the steps for how to overcome failing to enter FB via IG by logging out of FB and IG accounts, namely as follows:

  • The first step please open the Instagram application.
  • Then you select the “Profile” icon.
  • The next step, please click on the three lines icon in the upper right corner.
  • Then you scroll down and you just select the “Log Out” option.
  • Next, please open the Facebook application (Download the Facebook App for Android).
  • Then please click on the “Horizontal Three Bar” icon in the upper right.
  • Next you scroll down, and you select “Exit”.
  • Finished.

If you have logged out of your Instagram and Facebook accounts, then wait a moment, and please log back into your IG and FB accounts as usual.

Then please re-link your FB account with Instagram like the guide we explained earlier.

How to find out if FB is connected to IG or not

If you have finished the process of how to enter FB via IG in the way we explained earlier.

And to make sure whether your FB is connected to IG or not, then you can follow the steps below, which are as follows:

  • First of all, please open your Facebook page, then you enter the “Settings” menu.
  • After that, please click on the “Settings” option in the lower left corner.
  • Then please scroll down, and you select the “Instagram” feature.
  • So here you will be able to see the Instagram account connected to the Facebook page.
  • Finished.
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How to enter IG via FB

As we said earlier, we not only explain how to enter FB via IG, but also explain how to enter IG via FB.

With this method you can help users if they experience forgetting passwords or some other cases.

Immediately, below are the steps for how to enter IG via FB, namely as follows:

  • First, please access the Instagram application on your cellphone, then select the “Log In” menu.
  • Next, please select the “Log in with Facebook” option at the bottom of the login page.
  • Then please wait until the reform pop up appears to be able to enter Instagram with a Facebook account.
  • Next, please enter your email or telephone number and password from your Facebook account, then you can select the “Login” menu.
  • Please wait until the login process is complete, if it’s finished, it will automatically enter the Instagram account timeline page.
  • Finished.

The final word

That’s what we can explain in this article regarding how to enter FB via IGhopefully you can do it easily by following the guidelines that we have explained.

If you think the information we present in this article is important for many people to know, then you can help share the information in this article by sharing it on social media.

That’s all and thank you for faithfully reading all the contents that we describe in this article to completion.

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